Blue Cheese Delta 8 Flower Reviews

Blue Cheese Delta 8 Flower Reviews

Hempingus is proud to announce one of her new products, Blue Cheese Delta-8 Flower.

What is Blue Cheese?

The Blue Cheese strain is an Indica cannabis variant obtained from the prestigious Blueberry male with U.K Cheese female cross. The result is an alluring and savory aroma of berry and blue cheese, which delivers a unique creamy taste with strong hints of the original UK Cheese.


  • Contains 15% CBD, promising high therapeutic potency
  • Slowly cured, 100% hand-trimmed flowers
  • No pesticides, additives, or related synthetic chemicals
  • Farm Bill compliant – less than .3% THC
  • Derived from matured hemp plants sourced from America-regulated farms
  • Third-party-lab tested for ingredient verification and quality assurance
  • 7gm net weight
  • 250mg Total CBD


Blue Cheese Delta-8-THC flower users say the strain delivers a highly potent effect which ushers calm and relaxation, promising potential relief to a range of conditions, including;

  • Stress
  • Pain
  • Muscle spasm

Although not as potent as the THC-rich variant, delta-8-infused Blue Cheese is thought to cause calm which may lead to slight dizziness.

While a decent amount may not affect productivity, many users report feeling woozy after heavy use. Hence, Blue Cheese delta-8-THC flowers may be best used to wrap up a stressful day.

It may not be used [heavily] before driving or operating a machine.

Typical of cannabis products, after use, expect:

  • Dry mouth
  • Dry eyes
  • Drowsiness

However, these effects are usually recorded with high doses.


Hempingus Blue cheese Delta-8 buds are 100% organic. They are sourced from matured hemp plants derived from FDA-regulated US-based farms. Our products are grown indoors and under highly controlled conditions.

With brand quality and consumer safety in mind, our local buds are carefully grown without using any harmful herbicides, pesticides, or toxic synthetic chemicals.

Our Blue Cheese delta-8 flower boasts premium quality ingredients verifiable by a third-party lab test result accessible at the foot of this product page.

We flaunt our Certificate of Analysis (COA) to reaffirm our brand’s commitment to quality and transparency, therefore building trust among esteemed customers and potential buyers.


Our Blue Cheese Delta-8-infused hemp buds contain less than the .3% THC legal benchmark, which makes it 100% legal federally, according to the 2018 Farm Bill.

As shown in our Certificate of Analysis, our buds are sourced from legal hemp and contain THC equal to 0% on a dry weight basis. Being hemp-based (not marijuana), you should have no fear about any legal restrictions on possession, consumption, and sales.


Importantly, if you anticipate a drug test, be cautious about using the Blue Cheese delta-8 flower. While there is no substantial evidence to make definite claims, some findings perceive that delta-8-THC products may trigger a negative result on some drug tests.

So, whereas moderate dosage may not show up on your test, caution is strongly advised since you can’t gauge how much is within safe parameters.


Note that the decision to or not to smoke hemp flowers is absolutely at users’ risk. While there isn’t any substantial evidence on the specific effect of smoking delta-8-infused products, related reports and common knowledge says inhalation may not be the healthiest way to consume hemp flowers.

Also, the statements on this review are mostly informational, not FDA-evaluated, and are not intended for treatment or diagnosis of any ailment. While delta-8 buds are safe, you may want to discuss long-term doses with a licensed health expert.

Better still, you can share your concerns with our experienced bud-tenders for professional advice and a possible dosage guide.


  • What is delta-8-THC?

Delta 8-THC is one of over a hundred chemicals obtained from hemp. This compound

has a close semblance with delta-9-THC, except that it delivers only a slight ‘high.’

Interestingly, delta-8 is thought to share similar therapeutic potentials with delta

THC, but without paranoia, hallucinations, and anxiety weed users report after smoking.

  • How can I consume delta-8-infused Blue Cheese flowers?

Consuming delta-8 flower is similar to using other hemp flowers. The options are:


Here’s the most straightforward and cost-efficient way to use hemp flowers. This method helps users savor the rich flavor and enjoy the herb to its fullest. While some people find rolling their herb a common concern, some products come pre-rolled. With the latter all you need is to light up and potentially smoke away from your symptoms.


Vaping is becoming increasingly common and widely promoted as a healthier alternative to the traditional combustion and smoke inhalation. This method entails heating up your herbs (or concentrates) with a vaporizer device to produce vapor.

While this medium demands additional cost on your vaping tools, it promises a more flavorful, stylish, and less harmful experience.

  • How are delta-8-THC products created?

Some farmers intentionally breed hemp strains with a high delta-8 concentration in mind. At maturity, these herbs are harvested, handpicked, trimmed, and cured following industry best practices for the best quality.

The products are then sprayed or rolled with delta-8 distillates and further wrapped in a kief for higher therapeutic potency.

  • Why should I consider using delta-8-THC flowers?

You may consider delta-8 buds for several reasons.

This herb doesn’t leave you with the dreaded high associated with weed consumption. But it’s thought to deliver almost the same therapeutic effects for which cannabis is celebrated. Among other reasons, you may consider using delta-8-buds if you wish to:

  • Manage pain
  • Suppress appetite –good for weight loss
  • Relieve depression and anxiety
  • Manage insomnia

Although these benefits are repeatedly mentioned in anecdotal testimonies and research reports, more studies are needed to substantiate existing evidence.

  • Can I get Hempingus Blue Cheese Delta-8-THC flowers shipped to my state?

We deliver Hempingus products across US territories.

For more information about the Blue Cheese Delta-8-THC or any of your hemp products, feel free to contact us. Our experienced bud-tenders will be glad to hold you by hand and discuss the most suitable options for the best experience.

You may also visit our resource center for more informational guides.