About Us : We are Hemping About Us : We are Hemping

The Hemping Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide our customers with quality cannabidiol products and exceptional customer service at the most competitive prices, we completely follow all the federal rules and regulations pertaining cannabis legal requirements. We are enthusiastic in betterment for all. Our aim is to change the views on how CBD impacts our day to day lives!

About Us :We are Hemping


Hemping Us is created out of an aspiration to provide affordable and finger licking hemping products to consumers without hefty prices. Founded in 2011, Hemping us has been working to get industrial quality Hemp extracts to make hemping us products best of their kind. Our propriety formula and hard work from our mixologists is the secret formula to deliver healthy deliciousness.

About Us :We are Hemping


Hemping Us is well known for providing 100% vegan, non-GMO, and industrial high grade hemp extracts to make exceptional products. All of our products comply with the federal laws and regulations with less than 0.03%Delta THC. All the hemp flowers are hand trimmed, Pesticides free and USA grown which makes hemping us an A-lister in the industry.

About Us :We are HempingAbout Us :We are Hemping

Why buy our Products ?


We only source from U.S grown legal hemp plants to maintain consistent quality. Organically grown non-GMO hemp plants are processed in Industrial Co2 extraction process. Our products are not having any leftover residue during process. So we provide full-spectrum and broad-spectrum product benefits.


Each and every batch is tested under lab and reports are generated. Each product has their own QR code which can be scanned any time to view lab reports.


Our central goal is to give our clients quality cannabidiol items and remarkable client support at the most effective costs; we follow all the federal laws to all the government rules and guidelines relating cannabis legitimate production. We are energetic in improvement for all. Our point is to change the perspectives on how CBD impacts our everyday lives!

We constantly listen to our customers. We note and follow up their complaints and suggestions. After all CBD is all about experience. No one can describe these products in words.