CBD Vaping – Tricks and Advantages

CBD Vaping – Tricks and Advantages

Among the several CBD dosing options, CBD vaping seems the least talked about.

Why so?

Well, some CBD users say while other CBD-themed products (including tinctures, edibles, and topicals) are easy to use, the whole vaping concept can be overwhelming – particularly to new users.

Whereas many silently wish to explore everything CBD, they wave off the vaping idea for being too complicated.

But it isn’t entirely so.

Reading on, this article walks through some easy tricks to get the most out of CBD vaping and some benefits thereof.

6 CBD Vaping Tips

Let’s cut to the chase

  • Understand your Vape Doses

You’ll ruin your whole CBD vaping experience with an ill-informed dosage.

While too light doses will deliver an insignificant effect, going overboard can leave you drowsy and nauseous.

And the fact that there are no one-fits-all doses with CBD makes it even trickier.

Factors including weight, CBD concentration, product quality, and the condition you’re managing all sum up to determine the resultant effects of your doses.

Hence, finding the most fitting dosage may require some level of observation and trial and error.

For this, the rule of thumb says to start small and work up your doses to more suitable amounts. A reasonable start point would be around 20mg to 40 mg daily. Feel free to increase (or decrease) the amount, but slowly, until you reach a ‘feel good’ spot.

  • Invest in the right device

Another hard nut for starters to crack is knowing which vaping device to invest in.

Note that CBD vape pens are either refillable or disposable.

While disposable pens have lower price tags, buying a pen every now and then can add up to become a more expensive option in the long run.

For refillable vapes, the initial investment may be costly, but it’s a one-off expense. You’d only have to buy coils and CBD-infused e-juice, making it a more economical long-term decision.

That said, I usually recommend vape mods. A top-quality vape mod assures you of a powerful device with impressive clouds and excellent flavors.

  • Regular cleaning makes a difference

For beginners, it’s easy to disregard the need for regular cleaning of your vape device. But experienced users know better.

The thickness of your CBD e-juices can easily clog up vape coils and ruin your vaping experience. Even more, over time, the accumulated gunk can damage your device, deliver an awkward-tasting vapor and even reduce the CBD effect.

To avoid these undesirable results, we recommend a thorough once-in-awhile cleaning of your device. While this may seem somewhat daunting at first, it’ll soon become a fun ritual. Besides, the rewards can be encouraging.

  • Watch out for the voltage.

Note that too much heat can burn up your e-juice and render it almost useless. On the other end, too low heat will ruin the vapor, flavor, and effect.

For the best results, do well to keep the heat within the medium-low range. This should be around 3.3 and 3.8 volts.

However, feel free to do some trial and error to figure out which cuts it most for you.

  • Don’t rush it

Inhaling CBD vapor can be intimidating for starters. On your first draw, go slowly. A 3-sec drag sounds good.

Once you have enough vapor in your mouth, suck into your lungs, slowly, for about another three seconds. Then, exhale.

Take short breaks between puffs.

  • Try some other flavors

Honestly, pure CBD isn’t ‘sweet.’ It comes with an earthy not-so-pleasurable flavor.

Funnily, many CBD vapers say they expected something more on their first experience.

To get the most out of your CBD vapes and better customize your experience, consider trying out some flavor alternatives and mixes.

What’s your favorite flavor? Mint, strawberry, mango, citrus? Just name it – there’s something for almost all flavor preferences.

Feel free to make experiments. Possibly, combine flavors, and see which works best for your taste bud.

Why CBD Vape – Benefits of CBD Vaping

Although vaping may not be the healthiest way to use CBD, here are some reasons CBD vaping is gaining an increasing fan base:

  • Vaping delivers fast effect

If you seek a faster way to get CBD’s effect, CBD vaping is arguably your best bet.

With vaping, CBD gets into your bloodstream directly through the lungs, bypassing the digestive system.

You’d feel the effect almost immediately – at most, in a minute or two.

This fast-acting effect makes CBD preferred for pain flare-ups and short-term stress as well as anxiety attacks.

  • Higher bioavailability

Possibly, CBD inhalation may deliver higher bioavailability than the other means of consumption. That is, you may have more CBD absorbed into your body with vaping than with other means.

Research shows that while inhalation recorded an 18 per cent bioavailability, eating cookies boasted only six percent.

Although the study focused on THC’s bioavailability, chances are that the result should be similar for CBD products since they share similarities in the way they get absorbed into the body.

  • Less additional ingredients

To satisfy users’ wide-ranged taste preferences and health needs, many CBD manufacturers infuse several additives into their products.

Too often, these products are unnecessary and may even leave harmful long-term effects.

CBD vape e-juices are usually CBD plus Vegetable Glycerine (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG).

These additional ingredients are responsible for the clouds vape devices produce.

This low-ingredient profile of CBD e-juices reduces the chances of an addiction and other possible side effects caused by nicotine and other dreaded chemicals.


CBD Vaping is arguably the most fun and efficient way to exploit CBD’s therapeutic potentials. While using Vape devices may seem overwhelming from afar, at a closer look, it can be a breeze.

The benefits of CBD vaping are a bunch. Little wonder the increasing quest for CBD-infused Vape products.

However, research is on-going as to the true health profile of CBD vaping products. Until more evidence is established, caution is advised.

Not sure where to get your CBD-infused vape products?

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