Full Spectrum CBD oil 500mg (Watermelon)

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  • Full Spectrum
  • Natural terpenes
  • Organic USA based Hemp – farming
  • Industrial high-grade CO2 extraction method.
  • Non- GMO, 100%vegan.
  • Pesticides free
  • Cruelty free
  • Product QR codes for authentic lab reports
  • Non-toxic THC level.(0.03%)
  • Adjustable serving
Total CBD500mg
  • Product Description

    This flavorful watermelon CBD oil has extraordinary taste to soothe your taste buds and calm your mind. Get an aroma filled healthy lifestyle and exhale out all your worries with this lushy watermelon CBD which is relaxing and refreshing at the same time!!
  • Suggested Use

    2 droppers (1ml) per serving contain about 17mg Hemp extract. Each bottle contains 30 servings(approx.)
  • Ingredients

    500mg Hemp extract, MCT oil, Essential oils, Natural terpenes, Natural and artificial Flavoring.
Hemping Live Green, Premium Quality, Best Price, Nature Redifined, Pure Products Hemping Live Green, Premium Quality, Best Price, Nature Redifined, Pure Products


4.6 25 Reviews
  • Peter Cottingham

    It is a top-grade quality watermelon flavored CBD oil that really helps me in regaining energy during a dull day. I mainly take a dose of it when there is an important job to do at my office. The oil keeps me active and I don’t feel stoned due to less amount of THC used in its composition.

  • John xxnzhznz

    My mum’s Arthritis pain reduced when she started an intake of this hemp-derived CBD oil. I ensure to order the tincture for her ontime, before it finishes. I can only trust Hempingus online store when it comes to buying natural and authentic CBD oil.

  • Jan dreher

    My insomnia had made it difficult for me to run daily chores, so I’d to find a cure for it. Tried many things but everything failed. I learnt that CBD oil could help people with the sleeping disorder. I bought this full spectrum oil as my last hope that really worked. Now I complete my 7 hrs of sleep with the help of this magic potion.

  • ava Monzo

    CBD Oil helped me much in anxity and all health related issues. the product is highly recommend to anyone suffering.

  • Ray

    The quality of the CBD oil collection by Hempingus leaves me speechless. I purchased various products from them, as usual this watermelon flavor also showed amazing results. I enjoy euphoria but don’t get high! Now I am a frequent buyer of this full spectrum CBD oil.

  • Sal Hazlett

    I was frustrated with my tight schedule throughout the week. So to relieve my tired mind by the weekend I ordered this hemp-derived CBD. It perfectly gave a soothing effect to my nerves and I felt light after using it. In fact I returned fresh to my work!

  • felix Miller

    I have used many CBD oils. but Hemping CBD oil is best till now. Watermelon flavor is good enough to hide odd taste.

  • Eliza Dimeglio

    Strong and long lasting oil.

  • Jose Iadanza

    I love Watermelon. It gave me new hope in life.

  • John

    Stronger watermelon

  • Frankie Harrell

    ???? Good

  • Tim

    It is far better than many CBD oils that I have tried. Reduces aches, stiffness and joint pain with good Watermelon taste.

  • Vazquez

    The best therapy I found for my constantly occurring migraine is through this full spectrum CBD oil. Now whenever I get a migraine I consume a drop and find relief. Also, it manage,s nausea symptoms in this condition.

  • Justin Hinkle

    Best for night time usage. happy and healthy love life. Both of us likes Watermelon

  • Madalyn Davronov

    I ordered for the first time from Hempingus and was amazed by the rightly infused watermelon flavor and its natural ingredients. Packaging could be better. Would love to order again for offering remarkable nerve relaxing results.

  • dante.669.toms

    Regular using this %% . It is now part of my life. Some times I swaps between full spectrum and broad one.

  • Dan Hennigar

    My grandpa is suffering from Perkinson’s disease so I bought this full spectrum CBD oil for him. The neuroprotective effects of this hemp-derived oil has lessened his motor impairments symptoms.

  • Benjmen Crump

    Oil Quality A1, Customer support A1.

  • willywon

    Suggesting all of you if you are struggling due to anxiety, depression and stress. It doesn’t make you high.

  • Paul Tully

    My days are getting better and better. It has been 15 days since using CBD Oil Watermelon

  • Jim Meli

    Quick and easy way to dissolve my pain. CBD Oil Watermelon is my first choice till now.

  • rewind56

    I was little concerned about using it, but it has many benefits. Now I am confidant and relaxed. This product really works

  • Paul

    My search for good quality CBD oil in watermelon flavor came to an end when I purchased it for the first time. I bought the smallest size of the bottle at first. But bowled by its mellow taste, Imma order only 500mg pack.

  • Anthony Dandrea

    This full spectrum CBD oil acts as an ultimate therapy for my depression and anxiety issues. Also, it is vegan so it suits my eating habits too.

  • tiffany

    Recently I heard about it everywhere so decided to make a trial. And it works like miracle. Now science is also doing their research to reveal benefits of this plant.