Full Spectrum CBD oil 500mg (Peppermint)

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  • Full Spectrum
  • Natural terpenes
  • Organic USA based Hemp – farming
  • Industrial high-grade CO2 extraction method.
  • Non- GMO, 100%vegan.
  • Pesticides free
  • Cruelty free
  • Product QR codes for authentic lab reports
  • Non-toxic THC level.(0.03%)
  • Adjustable serving
Total CBD500mg
  • Product Description

    Hemping full spectrum CBD oil peppermint is a chilly & refreshing formula in amalgamation with soothing hemp-plant extracts, endocannabinoids, MCT oil and other natural oils.
    This fresh and minty flavor is an addition to your everyday healthy routine!
  • Suggested Use

    2 droppers (1ml) per serving contain about 17mg Hemp extract. Each bottle contains 30 servings(approx.)

  • Ingredients

    500mg Hemp extract , MCT oil, Essential oils, Natural terpenes , Natural and artificial Flavoring.
Hemping Live Green, Premium Quality, Best Price, Nature Redifined, Pure Products Hemping Live Green, Premium Quality, Best Price, Nature Redifined, Pure Products


4.4 30 Reviews
  • Sheila

    Love this! Had a surgery done on my knee four years ago. I have tried many CBD products for the sharp and disturbing pain, but this makes a great difference. I can hike more nowadays. I wished it dose a little more about my insomnia. Great value for money.

  • Karen

    This oil gives me hope every morning. I never forget to get my daily drops before I hit the roads. My migraines and eye pains have really improved since I included this product into my medical regimen. The pack is a great deal with a very refreshing taste.

  • dan_pellino555

    Don’t look beyond this peppermint natural CBD oil if you want an organic hemp product to cure chronic pain. I suffer from joint pain, which reduced the moment I started using this full spectrum CBD oil as an anti-inflammatory solution. I can feel the difference if I use it regularly.

  • Max White

    Best quality hemp-derived CBD oil that helps me relieve my anxiety attack. I put a drop of the oil in my mouth and it calms me down within a couple of minutes. I’ll recommend it to anyone having a hard time with their anxiety problem.

  • Thomas

    I have been on Opioids and Morphine for over a year; courtesy of my broken back, but this pack works amazingly for the back pain. Can I get the 1000mg? I guess I will be seeing my doctor this week for advice. Impressed with the results and will order again.

  • Will Rivera

    Insomnia had hit me hard and I got its cure through this peppermint flavor CBD oil. Now I can sleep peacefully at night. The nerve soothing effects of hemp used in this product activates in about 30 min of having the dosage facilitating my sleeping routine.

  • ava Monzo

    CBD Oil helped me much in anxity and all health related issues. the product is highly recommend to anyone suffering.

  • Beth

    The hemp-derived natural CBD oil tranquilizes my mind during an off day. Natural terpenes and low-level THC both work effectively to beat my mood swings and stress alike. Although costly, yet I will always buy this product to maintain my peace of mind.

  • Tim

    It is far better than many CBD oils that I have tried. Reduces aches, stiffness and joint pain with good Peppermint taste.

  • patrick.435.coddington

    Nice packing and quality product

  • Diane bruno

    Making CBD oil tea is fun. But watermelon flavor won't be good in tea.

  • felix Miller

    I have used many CBD oils. but Hemping CBD oil is best till now. Peppermint flavor is good enough to hide odd taste.

  • Eliza Dimeglio

    Strong and long lasting oil.

  • Heidenthal

    Very very relaxing

  • Paul Tully

    My days are getting better and better. It has been 15 days since using CBD Oil Peppermint

  • Linda Jager

    This full spectrum CBD oil is made of premium quality and 100 natural hemp. It offers euphoria but does not make me high. It is my go-to solution to calm down and chill.

  • Michael Allen

    Grandma's pain is healing. she felt amazing. Thanks to Hemping us

  • Brian Stark-Buehl

    This full spectrum CBD oil in peppermint flavor uplifts my mood whenever I go through a depressive mood. It slows down all the rushing thoughts in my mind, eventually letting me relax.

  • Ron Lesher

    Liked so much

  • Brenden Isenberg

    Just few drops of Peppermint CBD. and my fruit juice become fuel. Working best in gym.

  • Slawomir Strzepek

    I am a frequent customer of Hempingus full spectrum CBD oil. They sell only quality tinctures produced using the farm grown hemps. The low amount of THC doesn’t stone me yet provide an apt mind-soothing effect during a stressful day!

  • Taylor Sorensen

    Last time I ordered the 250mg full spectrum CBD oil but I regretted it as it ended quite soon, so I was sure to buy their 500mg variant this time. The flavor is clear tasting and organic hemp oil boosts my energy level on a lazy day.

  • Benjmen Crump

    Oil Quality A1, Customer support A1.

  • Jim Meli

    Quick and easy way to dissolve my pain. CBD Oil Peppermint is my first choice till now.

  • Jose Iadanza

    I love Peppermint. It gave me new hope in life.

  • George Melendez

    I prefer to use topical. It reduce itching and dry skin. However I can't say it is good or not.

  • Justin Hinkle

    Best for night time usage. happy and healthy love life. Both of us likes Peppermint

  • john Busler

    You can trust hempingus for selling organic and GMO-free CBD oils. I have been using their products for a long time. And everytime I’ve to restock the CBD oil I only look forward to buying from them.

  • Cole Murphy

    This is my second CBD oil purchase from Hempingus store. I bought two flavors Peppermint and Mango but loved this one the most. Though both provide the same entourage effect. Using this oil, I can now revitalize myself whenever I feel exhausted.

  • dante.669.toms

    Regular using this %% . It is now part of my life. Some times I swaps between full spectrum and broad one.