Hawaiian Haze

Hemp Flower (Hawaiian Haze) - 3.5gm

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  • Contains >15% CBD
  • All organic, American grown and high grade buds
  • Slow cured, 100% hand-trimmed flowers
  • Mature hemp plant derivatives
  • NO pesticides, No addictive and No synthetics
  • Lab tested for purity and compliance
  • Compliant with federal farm bill for <.03%Δ9THC
Total CBD250mg
  • Appearance

    Hawaiian Haze nug has light green leaves with a warm- orange underneath making it more equatorial and exciting!!The buds are light and fragile making this strain an A-lister Hemp flower!
  • Aroma, taste and effects

    Loaded with tropical sensations, while creating a dazzling effect on users!! Hawaiian haze hemp flower has exotic aromatics like pineapple, papaya and passion fruit, just like a power packed punch Hawaiian punch with subtle lavender floral notes giving a confidence boost to users with social anxiety disorder.
    It’s a perfect balance of tropical flavors and husky effects!!
  • CBD and THC Balance

    Hawaiian haze justifies the name given by providing an island vacation experience with a delightful haze with supporting the federal farm law .this flower contains >15% CBD with less than 0.3% Δ9THC.
  • Terpene profile content

    Linaloo, Limonene, Mycerene, Alpha pineneguaiol
Hemping Live Green, Premium Quality, Best Price, Nature Redifined, Pure Products Hemping Live Green, Premium Quality, Best Price, Nature Redifined, Pure Products


4.8 15 Reviews
  • Jacob McCallister

    Smoking a CBD flower for the first time. The experience was not wow or as thrilling as I had thought but I was satisfied. Hawaiian Haze found it to be enjoyable. Nothing more, nothing less. It was perfect for the day. Helped me stay in a good mood all day.

  • Austin

    I love these CBD flowers; I’ve given them to my friends, who were satisfied after using them. Now we are all fixated on it, they claim that they have never gotten such a great feeling from other CBD flowers from other farms.

  • Mathew

    Truly enjoy this Hawaiian Haze flower; it provides an experience different from other types of flowers. I strongly recommend Hemp Flower because of the taste and its efficiency. It is wonderful and will only satiate your cravings.

  • jaime Miller

    Hawaiian Haze is a delicious treat, the perfect CBD if you love CBD flowers. Perfect blend of tarps. Best as usual from the best quality CBD company. You will love it

  • Roy Scott

    Enjoy this wonderful hemp flower with me, Hawaiian Haze burns smoothly and evenly and it is very easy to smoke. it is all I have ever wished for. I have no doubt that you will love it as well.

  • Griffiths

    This was my first flower smoked, and it was a wonderful experience. I’ll continue using Hawaiian Haze. Not all have done the same for me but 's a really fine blow.

  • Jaime Cohen

    I have found Hemping Us this to be the greatest CBD company. Your goods are perfectly made and excellent. Keep making these fantastic flowers. I love them.

  • Tim Spanglar

    Looking for a solid bud to smoke? Hawaiian Haze one is perfect. The nugs are gritty and it burns flawlessly. Go get it and thank me later.

  • steven Rheaume

    Stumbled on this online and I don’t regret getting them because I enjoyed every bit of it. I will surely buy them again

  • Jor Grabowski

    Some very powerful nugs these are. One of the finest way to relax. They have been useful to me for some time. I made this review to share with my online friends because I know I’m not the only one who finds them enjoyable.

  • matt_ferry652

    Excellent product with a good impact; In addition to relaxing you and satisfying your cravings, it soothes tension and anxiety. I noticed they have vapes too. Will try that out to see if it reaches the same quality as these buds.

  • Steven Fleisher

    CBG has always been a little confusing to me, but ever since I started using Hemp Flower regularly, I feel much better. Nothing is as painful as it used to be. I feel happier now. I suggest you check it out.

  • Pam Stample

    Hemp Flower is really nice, I enjoyed every bit of it. You have to try it out to find out how good it is. The first one I smoked was given to me by my brother and now I’m here to order mine. Top dog profile with a very rich terpene aroma.

  • Adham Stansbury

    My anxiety often causes me to forget to eat because I appear to be constantly on the run. My appetite was a mess. But now, it's clearly increased since I started with the hemp flowers. I like how food sounds very appealing to my tummy.

  • Deric

    The nugs are groomed perfectly. Buds are sticky and have a smooth smoke. Compared to others these do a lot of good. Hawaiian Haze tastes and smells fantastic! I did take pleasure in it. It is a wonderful bud.