Durban Poison

Flair THC-O Disposable (Durban Poison)

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  • Classic and sleek Design
  • Drag Activated Disposables
  • High performance
  • Best possible taste and strong effects
  • Pure flavor and convenience.
  • Strain Description

    Flair THC-O disposable Durban poison is a pure potent Sativa, known to be the "espresso of THC-O disposables".
    It has an energetic and creative high that wakes you up to go and seize the day. Flair THC-O disposable Durban poison is perfect for a working day that includes creativity and productivity like writing, learning and reading
  • Effects

    Energetic and Pplifted.
  • Key Factors

    Stimulating and Clear-Headed Potent High Suitable for Outings.
  • Flavor Notes

    Earthy, Sweet berry-like and Piney.
  • Ingredients

    -THC-O distillates
    -Natural Terpenes.
    Flair THC-O Disposables are refined and concentrated version of delta-8 THC ,It can be harsh on
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4.6 22 Reviews
  • Matthew Bishop

    Great product, good strain, I really like it. It keeps me functional and energetic throughout the day. Flair has continued to prove to be a reliable manufacturer of vape products. Since I found the flair range of devices, I have not had cause to go back.

  • Jason

    I am finding this device a sweet relief. Never thought I would find anything that's close to the flavor of the weed strain but this Durban Poison vape makes all the difference. The Durban Poison has by far been my all-time favorite weed strain, not only because of its energetic drive, but also because it’s just a great smoke.

  • donnelly

    Durban Poison was the first and really only pure sativa I have ever done. It was such a crazy head high. I felt almost no body effects. I was super happy and I had more energy than I have ever had in my life! (And that is saying something considering I'm already a very happy and high energy individual),

  • Kelly

    I have had different flavors and this one tops my list. I sometimes get to switch it up a notch but seeing how powerful it can get, I reserve the switch up to more subtle strains. Overall this is one great strain from a reliable manufacturer.

  • Geneva Pietroforte

    The one thing I really liked about this vape is that it didn't make my heart beat rapidly, that tends to happen for me when i smoke the weed and it always freaks me the fuck out, but with this Durban Poison, my heart stayed calm. I was getting up and walking everywhere, cleaning things, playing around, playing with my dogs. In my opinion it is one of the most unique strains I have ever tried. I would say it is the most uncannabis-like cannabis strain there is lol.

  • Laura Tecco

    Flair makes them well. This is one of the best brands I can rely on. I don’t buy any other as long as I can get a flair in the shop around. I do a lot of traveling so I kinda stock them and they stay good and the same through without any degradation. One time I got some other brand(won’t state the name) but it went bad even before I ripped the packaging.

  • Bob Clint

    Great stuff, all the Durbans are great. Durban Poison will get you really high but you'll feel like yourself vs say Green Crack will get you really high but you'll feel insane. Depending on what your doing you may want one over the other

  • sean_fleming311

    Not one to get pretty hyped up about blowing some joints but I think this has caused me to have a change of heart because, like what is this. I turned to vapes for a bit of ease and smoking then this, I am getting deep blows, blows after blows. This is literally a deep skunk flavor raised to a power. I’m overwhelmed with excitement.

  • Sandon ziegler

    Durban Poison is a bad boy. I love it. Always delivers in the right proportions, a strong euphoric but balanced high that is calm and measured. I consider it a daytime strain and this vape lives up to expectations and shows it isn’t one of the many fakes out there.

  • Jake Wolf

    This is a classic vape. Super flavorful, it always delivers an exciting experience every time. I used it for quite some time now and I dig how it hits. The quality is really good. I could have it all day every day.

  • Jon Gradzki

    This Durban Poison vape feels so much like the real deal. I am super excited by it. It has always been my best flavor even though I have tried a couple of others but none comes close. I really like how it gets me going, it gives me the energy to get stuff done.

  • donna

    This flavor delivers a firm, euphoric high that gets the blood rushing. The craziest thing I have had in a while but still stable because regardless of how thrown out I was, I was still able to get things done. Was like the whole high revolved in slow mo in my head… a good kinda way though. I definitely would recommend the durban poison. It’s so much like taking poison but not dying.

  • Andrew Guzman

    Good old Durban Poison. Classic old school strain now in a vape. I like it…) I remember the first time I smoked the buds many moons ago, I was higher than a giraffe's ass! Very much a sativa lover, and Durban really tops the bill in terms of a pure sativa. This one here too is great, for a concentrate, it made a good showing.

  • Susan Lobasso

    Great quality. Didn't expect any less from a flair. Loved the experience from start to finish. I have just got some loads more. Never would I have thought that I would be going this way but man the excitement was well worth it.

  • Steiner Ariola

    Well, how is it you guys didn’t mention the euphoria this strain provides? The first time I tried this Durban Poison I had intense music euphoria, and every time I'd take a deep breath, it felt like an upper body orgasm. I think the effects deserve a 10/10.

  • Jack Manzanares

    I have ADHD and this strain is one of my favorites it slows my brain down to make coherent thoughts although I would say in my opinion blue dream is a little bit better than this stain although I would definitely pick this strain up if your looking to help with any sleep or energy deprivation because it definitely energizes me along with letting me control my head a little better than normal.

  • Cameron Wybranski

    Durban Poison is my goto strain. The high is heavy just as I like it, but not the stupid high of most other heavy hitters in its class. You can smoke this vape and still go about your business. It’s a great piece of work, no doubt.

  • David

    The durban poison is not for the faint hearted. Vape with caution. I wonder how you guys make this so good, almost like smoking the herb. I think flair makes the best disposable vapes. I have never been disappointed by anyone I have got.

  • Patrick Burt

    I used to work at Starbucks and some customers would come in and get a straight espresso shot from time to time. This Durban Poison is the equivalent to that, definitely a working weed strain for sure but I must say it does its job well!!

  • Lauren Klotz

    This is a fine, balanced strain for a vape. Same solid effects you’d get like when you smoke the bud. Not a quick starter this vape but with tie, it starts to hit better. That's my experience anyways.

  • owen_kovacs670

    I have enjoyed every bit of it. From start to finish this was by a margin the best vape flavor i have tried. It made a whole lot of sense and gave outstanding pleasure.

  • nicole695

    I have used this flavor in different forms. It holds out good here too. It’s been an enjoyable experience. I will buy and recommend.