Watermelon Og

Hemping HHC Gummies 500mg (Watermelon OG) 20ct

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  • 20ct Jar
  • Delicious Watermelon OG flavors
  • Total HHC Contents 500 MG
  • HHC contents per gummy : 25MG
  • Sealed with proprietary technology to keep it fresh!!
Total CBD500mg
  • About

    A perfect balance of riped watermelon and OG kush erupt in an effusively delightful burst of flavors, settling into a long-lasting trip, HHC is known for its hybrid Indica like effects often resulting in euphoric "energized" high.
  • Consumption warning

    We recommend starting with 1 gummy and waiting for its high potency effect before consuming one more.
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4.9 8 Reviews
  • Steiner Ariola

    I'm so excited to try it! My pack just shipped out today along with my fave Delta 8 gummies. I just recently started taking gummies within the last month or so and I notice 2 Delta 8 gummies will chill me out just right and give me good sleep. Thanks for this and Happy New Year!!

  • Anita Daniels

    HHC is my all time favorite cannabinoid. With Delta 9 I get paranoid and anxious, Delta 8 has about 5% the effect of Delta 9, THC-O has very little effect on me as well but with HHC I not only don't get any anxiety it destroys any anxiety I did have and stops me from having anxiety for nearly a full 24 hours and it hits me extremely hard in fact I would way rather consume HHC then Delta 9 because the effects are even stronger then D9 but doesn't cause any of the same side effects.

  • Ryan Evans

    Recently, before I found these. I had been experimenting with making full spectrum edibles that have 40mg HHC each and have lower doses of THC-O, Delta 8, 9 and 10, and a full dose of CBG, CBC, CBN and CBD and if I don't have the 40mg of HHC the edibles really trigger my anxiety but when I add the HHC it calms that anxiety down. They are just perfect for me. No anxiety, nothing just clean highs.

  • Thomas Schowgurow

    I feel I need to sound this warning…I think you all should be careful. Hhc will mess your tolerance up pretty bad. It did that to me and now nothing seems to work for me. Be careful how you indulge.

  • Meg

    Still waiting on my hhc pack. I am hopeful I will get it this week. I am just super excited and will update this review when I receive it.

  • Kelvin Raftery

    I am a little scared about buying this. Sounds like experimenting too much. I get that there have been quite a lot of pozitive reviews but have there been any long term users here? I have some questions.

  • john_g715

    I just tried it for the first time a couple days ago. I don’t think I like it as much.

  • Emily

    I just got mine and I think it was way more pleasurable than delta 8... the delta-8 gummies I have tried tasted way too bitter to me and I didn't really feel the effects as I had expected. I guess I relied on the hype too much.