Blue Dream

Hemping THC-O Gummies 500mg (Blue Dream) 20 ct

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  • 20ct Pouch
  • Delicious Fruity flavors
  • 25 mg THC-O per gummies
  • 100% non-GMO, vegan!
  • Broad Spectrum
  • Organic, Natural terpenes
  • Sealed with proprietary technology to keep it fresh!!
Total CBD500mg
  • About

    The Hemping THC-O gummies have included the top-of-chart strain as its Sativa dominant hybrid marijuana strain created from two high THC-O with 18% TC but It has less CBD percentage in it. This potent strain has been favorites for the newbies and cannassieurs due to its aromatic flavor notes and high THC content.

  • Effects

    Happy, Energizing, and uplifting
    Relaxed, Euphoric & Happy
    Cerebral, Creative & Social
  • Flavor Notes

    Berry and Fruity
    Herby & Spicy
Hemping Live Green, Premium Quality, Best Price, Nature Redifined, Pure Products Hemping Live Green, Premium Quality, Best Price, Nature Redifined, Pure Products


4.3 28 Reviews
  • Brandon

    I have been diagnosed with arthritis in my hands, knees, and back. Said to myself that I can't keep taking Lortabs and Advil (not together, of course) every 6-8 hours. Every day is a struggle with pain. Decided to order the Delta-9 to help with it. Should I have gotten Delta-8 instead? Or is this thc-o better.

  • Elijah Ferroni

    Somebody gave this to me to help with stress, I had a gummy and felt numbness then laughed for an hours then whole face numbness, the Numbness is spreading, my medical training is activated, I don’t wanna die, slowing down, let’s go for a walk, More laughing, let’s go home so no one notice. It was a weird experience.

  • Prudvi Soper

    This is good stuff… and just strong enough to put you in a very good night sleep.I think these can help for those that have a hard time sleeping at night. What a relief after a long time dealing with insomnia. I thoroughly enjoyed the taste and flavor.

  • Danielle Frontera

    Blue Dream is Lovely tasty item

  • Danny White

    I’ve been buying from another company. I was not really happy with it lately. The Delta 8 is not enough for me and they don't carry Delta 9 or even thc-o. I have fibromyalgia and have 7 bulging discs and always in pain. I would love to get a sample of Blue Dream since most people say it has helped with their pain. Better luck with Hemping Us.

  • Laura Tecco

    😇😇🙂🤩🤩 Blue Dream of Hemping Us is absolutely recommended product.

  • trevor.294.dill

    Healthy and delicious gummies are a must and that is what I get when I buy hempingus. I didn’t have to take so much, I took about three and felt it immediately. A tranquil high, as opposed to an odd one

  • Justin Hinkle

    This helps with my anxiety. I go about with more confidence now. Before I started using it, I was always clumsy from anxiety, but it is better now.

  • Sal Hazlett

    Hemping Us Blue Dream is simple but powerful qulity product.

  • Stephen Schmidt

    Legal and effective.🙂🙂👌😘😘👍👍

  • Jeffrey Davison

    I took this Blue Dream gummy last night n it hit me like a ton of freakin bricks. Almost trippy. Still feel a lil weird the next morning. I'll try a half next time.

  • Austin Vile

    Light and powerful gummies from Hemping Us

  • Molly bariexca

    Super juicy Blue Dream gummies

  • andrew_billy12

    I have a friend with a knee problem and I was looking for research to send to them for something they can try and then I found this. It has been very helpful, they feel the symptoms less now.

  • Amber Lauer

    💖😮🙃🙃 Ordered many times. Hemping Us Never faild me

  • Patrick

    Hemping Us Blue Dream - Why not try?

  • jordyn.462.powell

    Blue Dream is the product I was looking for.

  • Kevin Lim

    worth trying atleast once. Not bad.

  • Nguyen

    🧠 Loved by my brain and body

  • Daniel

    Very satisfying and relaxing

  • Dylan Huchko

    Do not buy if you’re looking for any sort of psychoactive effects. I ate almost an entire package and absolutely nothing happened to me. Total dud. I sincerely believe they are falsely advertising this product.

  • Trevor Dill

    The best gummies I’ve ever bought online. Blue Dream is everything I could have asked for.

  • Naz shanks

    👍🤩😮😮😮 Quick and convenient.

  • nikki Tumbarello

    👌💖 Lab tested quality products from Hemping Us

  • crackity Diener

    100% recommended

  • christina_simeone509

    Blue Dream 👅 super duper genuine

  • Kris Fierro

    Unbeatable quality and price.

  • Laura Henderson

    amazing little buddy. thanks to Hemping Us