Purple Runtz

Flair THC-O Disposable (Purple Runtz)

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  • Easy to Use.
  • Third- party lab- tasting.
  • No fillers, no additives and No artificial flavorings or ingredients.
  • Solvent/ pesticides free.
  • No refilling, no maintenance and no recharging required.
  • About

    This award winning iconic strain is a blend of the insane beauty, the Zkittlez and OG gelato. The purple runtz offers a heavy body sensation and a distinct blend of sweet and sour. The hybrid strain is renowned for its arousing and calming effects. Mildly euphoric, the strain presents a sweet and sour grape-like flavor and is noted to have a strong soothing effect. It's a perfect anytime strain. The Flair THC-O Purple Runtz is ideally suitable for a relaxing weekend or lazy days to recoil and recharge.
  • High lights

    400 + puffs approx.
    800 mg delta 8 THC
    User friendly ready to use devices.
    Hemp-infused Vapor.
  • Warnings

    Average dosage of 2-3 drags every 6 hours.
    Do not operate heavy machinery after use.
    Do not use if being drug tested
    Must be 21 or older to use.
Hemping Live Green, Premium Quality, Best Price, Nature Redifined, Pure Products Hemping Live Green, Premium Quality, Best Price, Nature Redifined, Pure Products


4.8 18 Reviews
  • Emily

    I have been smoking mine all day and I won't stop giving. The consistency is one of its most unique values. Most carts I have tried died out after just 2 days of use. But this has gone on for 5 days now with a steady consistency. I would watch how long it lasts at this rate and update the review.

  • Desiree Whatton

    They make all these strains and other exotic lots in various forms now. Never thought I would find one in a vape but we are here. Solid stock nonetheless. I particularly like how it still had the smooth smoke I had always enjoyed when I smoked the blunt.

  • Jeffrey Davison

    I have been building momentum off work and school and didn’t really realize how stressed I was. Kinda got a free weekend and decided to indulge. I chose the purple runtz, durban poison and the blue cookie. Thought to try this first and the experience was out of this world. I never for the life of me thought it was this good, the reason I got other flavors to try.

  • MINKLE Wakeley

    This flair performs just great. I really love how it performs, thoroughly impressed by how it makes up for the huge price tag by giving off premium value. I will recommend it.

  • Anita Daniels

    Not many appreciate good weed strains because you find a lot of bad stocks around. I have vowed to continue dropping reviews to give others an insight into what their product performs from the user point of view. This one here has performed well. Great taste, aroma and one point often overlooked, good price. AT $29.99 the price is a little steep but still good for the quality I experienced.

  • Timothy Jivrajani

    Purple runtz, durban poison and pineapple experience are some of great strains I would recommend to anyone. Smooth smoke, with effects that aren’t overbearing nor are they heavy that you can’t get on with work for the day. I like that one doesn’t need to get washed out all because they need to get fixed to function better.

  • Richard Johnston

    I absolutely love this product. A fine collection of great strains and flavors and very potent concentrate. This is one of the few i fuck with it. Flair is one of the best makers out there and about the best imo.

  • Jor Grabowski

    Purple runtz have ranked well as on the top strains and I experienced the same top level value with these carts. I have been blowing carts now for a good 2 yrs and no other has beaten the flair in delivering the best value. Glad they have started to carry the more exotic strains.

  • Kyle Merrick

    There has never been one vape that has made the same impression as this had. I found it very effective and useful for a few conditions. This helped my pain and anxiety. Before now, I used to assume vapes were basically for recreational use but I am finding that they can also function well for medicated use.

  • karleen.995.benticor

    The 400 puffs seem to last longer than I had envisaged. And the fact it stays true and potent throughout the period is a very commendable quality of flair's brilliance.

  • Amelia

    Grab a stick and you’d be glad you did. Smooth smoke from start to finish. The best of the best.

  • Michael crane

    I haven't tried this purple runtz but I've tried white runtz and pink runtz. Got these flair purple runtz yesterday waiting to get home to try them. Wish me luck.

  • Anthony Collins

    My flair is goated. This is a solid vape pen. Flavor is on point. The device is on point. What more can I ask for? Except that the price will be reduced in some way so we can get more.

  • Tabor Atkinson

    Finding the right flavor can be cumbersome. So, if you’ve got one that does good with you, you gotta keep it. I found these purple runtz a solid partner through work and on weekends.

  • Dominic Robinson

    The purple runtz is hittin!! Loud in many ways, I thoroughly enjoyed every minute with it. This disposable is value for money.

  • Pedro Propheta

    Very fine product. I couldn’t agree more with others that have commended the product quality. The frame is built well and the concentrate does not disappoint. I have used different flairs and I find that they have all lived up to the hype.

  • Jones

    I think it’s a little overpriced. The quality is average and it performs like most other disposables i have tired. I think if you really want to experience a flavor or strain, that you take the dive and invest in a pod or just smoke weed.

  • Daniels

    Just had a smooth session with these and I must confess that these cali strains are fire. This is a smooth ass strain and coming from the flair, the rich vapor took a while but when it came, came good and strong.