Og Kush

Flair THC-O Disposable (OG Kush)

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  • Classic and sleek Design
  • Drag Activated Disposables
  • High performance
  • Best possible taste and strong effects
  • Pure flavor and convenience.
  • Strain Description

    OG Kush is one of all times favorites to bring the classic newbies and cannaisseurs on the same page. The comforting earthy notes and their medical potential makes it easy on palate and delicious for taste. Flair THC-O OG Kush Disposable is worthy of trying strain due to its balanced structure with 55% Sativa and 45% Indica. OG Kush disposable taste and earthy delicious and aromatic.
  • Effects

    Balanced High
    Euphoric and cerebral
    Tranquil State of mind
  • Key Factors

    Balanced Effects
    Tasty Flavors
    Medicinal Benefits
  • Flavor Notes

    Citrusy, Piney and Woody
    Fresh Scented Aroma
  • Ingredients

    -THC-O distillates
    -Natural Terpenes.
    Flair THC-O Disposables are refined and concentrated version of delta-8 THC ,It can be harsh on
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4.6 17 Reviews
  • nichole Kaffman

    These Flairs don't do it for me any more as a veteran smoker but they taste great. They have some new pods but I don’t think they are worth the $90 price. I think flair needs to increase the thc content of the bottom tier pods and quit it with the 3 different price points.

  • Robert

    This hit is lit asf! Done a couple of others like the mountain dew and grave stone from chaques barn in Montana but I reckon this one right here stays up there amongst the best vape flavors i have tried. How you have been able to extract the OG Kush flavor in a vape is an art form to be studied.

  • Dakota Sutton

    I had my first swing of the og kush in 79. Yea, that's how long back we have been potting. Now I grow my own herb but sometimes indulge in some of the newer tech like these vapes once in a while. I find them quite captivating in their own right. This particular vape strain og kush is quite reminiscent of the herb, although I could notice a slight difference but not enough to cut it all out. It’s quite good but not as much as the original we hipped through in the 70s and 80s.

  • Gabby vollmecke

    Tried and tested, this is by far one of the best vape strains I have tried. Was gifted my first ever one, but had to make the investment by buying a new pack. It’s a fine strain. I am certain you would like it too.

  • Matthew Jaworowski

    The Josh Dog from cali kush farms is the strongest weed ive ever smoked. It was tested at 25% thc and 5% terpenes.... Literally the highest terp level ive ever seen on a bud and none have come close since until last night when I took a long drag from this thc-o og kush vape. I have had to rethink experiences.

  • Kevin DiNapoli

    The flair carts definitely need to get up to temperature in order to produce good amounts of vapor. It took a considerable amount of time for the vape to get heated up. The first couple carts I got from them were a medium pigment and weren't dark at all in the way full spectrum concentrates should be, but this new one I have from them is significantly darker.

  • Cole Buckley

    Flair makes some really good vape and cannabis products. I especially like this vape for its high effectiveness. The vape features strong effects and a rich aroma that is enthralling. My sweet spot, the og strain is the hallmark of legacy strains.

  • samiel.641.davis

    Don’t know if it’s just me but the og kush tastes similar to the Pineapple Express cart, i get almost the same vibe and thrill from both. I expected something heavy hitting like most people who have commented have experienced but i guess mine is just going to be this way.

  • Amro anastasio

    The OG strain has been around for years and this OG Kush represents some of the very best I have had in my over 15 years of smoking. This vape offers the most value in a strain I have had in a long time.

  • Noah Reimel

    This is one of the highest quality vapes I've seen in a while. It gets me in the mood every time. I would recommend it. It doesn't matter what flavor is for you, there is a flair that fits the bill.

  • Andrew Guzman

    Man I am blown away by how powerful this shit really is. I have enjoyed every moment with it and have even made a review of it on my youtube channel. THis is by far one of the best vape pens and strains I have had to review.

  • william Perry

    This strain passes the vibe check. A solid strain with strong scents and enormous mental quality. I love how you are able to reproduce the same old flavor of the og kush.

  • karl materazzi

    These are the cheapest best quality carts money can buy.. I have used others and I can tell you for a fact that so many others out there are trash. A bloody waste of money. Don’t buy if you are not buying a Flair.

  • Veronica kebalo

    I love me an Og kush. It is a good replacement since I stopped using weed. The device is a fine show for a vape and I love everything about it. Try it and you would not be disappointed.

  • Herbig

    This is some tight shit. One of the really good ones out there to meditate with. Shit is dope, battery is great and the build is way better than others i have had to try. Much love from denver.

  • Brandon

    A real Og kush. I commend how you guys are able to recreate the same good old aroma, tastes and solid cerebral effects of the traditional OG in this vape. Solid work you’ve done here and I must say that I really like it.

  • Max White

    The Og don make me feel real good. I like how the flavor stays for the whole time i used the cart. It didnt break like some of the others i had before. This is a really good one.