Bubba Kush

Flair THC-O Disposable (Bubba Kush)

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  • Classic and sleek Design
  • Drag Activated Disposables
  • High performance
  • Best possible taste and strong effects
  • Pure flavor and convenience.
  • Strain Description

    Flair THC-O is an Indica Dominant effect with 85% Indica with impressive THC levels, Great at creating a pleasant & euphoric body high along with peace of mind.

    It is one of the best lazy day THC-O vapes you will come across. Flair THC-O disposable Bubba Kush is the get home, Chillout, zone out, and unwinds THC-O vape.

  • Effects

    Calmness, Relaxed and Happy.
  • Key Factors

    It brings you a great sense of calmness as it keeps the stress and anxiety at bay.

    The High can make you feel euphoric and uplift your overall mood.

  • Flavor Notes

    Earthy, Floral
  • Ingredients

    -THC-O distillates
    -Natural Terpenes.
    Flair THC-O Disposables are refined and concentrated version of delta-8 THC ,It can be harsh on
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4.6 19 Reviews
  • Chris Giles

    I chose the bubba kush, durban poison and the blue cookie since this is my first time trying the brand. I know what these weed strains are like and I have not been disappointed. The vape came through like it was the same smoke strains. I am impressed. Good stuff..

  • Patricia Budd

    I have had this for a while now but didn’t get to use it for some very obscure reason. Only got around to it now and i must commend the brillance of it. The device, flavor and consistency are 100. I could have gone in since if i knew it was this good.

  • Connor Harmon

    I think it’s a little overpriced. It performs like most other disposables i have tired, so i don’t see where they can justify the price. And also, my honest opinion about these things is that for one to really experience a flavor or strain, that they need to take the dive and invest in a pod or just smoke weed. A Lot of these vapes are filled with exotic chemicals and artificial flavors.

  • Daniel Hurley

    Man the Bubba Kush is lit!! I would recommend it anyday, I thoroughly enjoyed every minute with it, it’s a great smoke and great value for money.

  • Corey Hall

    Every day with this device, I see why the price point is a little higher than I would have ordinarily paid for pens. The sessions continue to get better with age. This is a smooth ass strain, the rich vapor took a while but when it came, it has continued to come good and strong.

  • Kaitlyn Keller-Bogan

    The consistency of the Flair vape is one of its most unique values. I have been smoking mine all day and I won't stop giving. Most vape pens I have tried died out after a few days of use. But this has gone on for a good 1 week plus and the delivery has remained consistent.

  • Kaleigh Collins

    This helped my pain and anxiety. It works quite well and I have found it very useful overtime.

  • Samantha Abel

    The Bubba Kush ranks well as a top tier OG strain. And I must confess that I have experienced the same top level value with these pens. I have been blowing pens now for a while now and I am yet to find a brand that beats the flair in delivering the best value in terms of consistency and quality.

  • Vernita Raroha

    Very good strain. It’s heavy as a kush should be and intense in a special way. I am guessing the thco effects at play here. I couldn’t agree more with others that have commended the product quality. The frame is built well and the concentrate does not disappoint. I have used different flairs and I find that they have all lived up to the hype.

  • alexis Covey

    At $29.99 the price is a little steep but still good for the quality. I appreciate some good weed strains and can say the bubba kush has not disappointed in any way. It has great taste, aroma and stays consistent. This one here has performed well.

  • jacqueline_martirano177

    This flair performs just great. I really love how it performs, thoroughly impressed by how it makes up for the huge price tag by giving off premium value. I will recommend it.

  • Nolan

    The Bubba Kush, Og Kush and pineapple experience are some of great strains I would recommend to anyone. Smooth smoke, heavy effects but not couch beating. I like that they are strong but easy.

  • Bryce Stamos

    I absolutely love the bubba kush. Flair keeps building their collection of great strains and flavors and very potent concentrate, and that’s commendable. The Bubba Kush is one of the few i fuck with it and about the best imo.

  • Jessica knight-foster

    Finding the right flavor can be cumbersome. So, if you’ve got one that does good with you, you gotta keep it. I found these bubba kush a solid strain with good value for money.

  • Campbell

    Grab a stick and you’d be glad you did. Smooth smoke from start to finish. The best of the best. Flair has got it right with this one.

  • Brooks

    Got these bubba kush flavors yesterday, not tried them yet but hoping they act right like others i have tried. I've tried purple runtz and durban poison and they all did good.

  • Spencer Adili

    Flair makes OG strains like this bubba kush and some other exotic lots. One of the best i have used. Solid stock. I particularly like how it still had the smooth smoke I had always enjoyed when I smoked the blunt. Good stuff you’ve got there.


    This is a solid vape pen. Flavor is on point. The device is on point. What more can I ask for? Maybe you can work on the price. Would be great to get it for cheaper. $29.99 seems a little too much for me.

  • justin.200.zirrillo

    This vape proves it is one of the best, most effective out on market. The 400+ puffs continue to last longer than others I have tried. And the vapor quality and concentrate is the same throughout.