Blue Cheese
  • hemping cbd pre roll blue cheeze
  • hemping cbd pre roll blue cheeze

Hemping CBD Preroll (Blue Cheese)

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  • Smooth Blend
  • Even and Clean hit
  • Right Amount and Even Burning
  • Smell Proof Packaging
  • Industrial High Grade Hemp
  • USA Farm Bill Compliance
  • Third Party Lab Tested

Taste & Aroma: Fruity, Sweet and Musky

Usage preference:


Indica cross created with the goodness of blueberry with the originality of U.K. cheese. It has the best of both with sweet and savory smell of berries and creamy tarty unique flavor of original cheese.

Hemping blue cheese inhales will give you a surprisingly fruity sweetness of berries with the soft creamy but musky tang that is its symbolic ancestry.

Hemping CBD pre roll blue cheese is an absolute extraction effecting hard with those fruity notes that can provide you relief from the muscle pain and stress.

Unlike the usual Indica, the high from this strain won’t hit you hard, but instead almost feels like a refreshing & relaxing bath that will wash over the stress and pain bringing overall relief with an immense variety of advantages.

100% Vegan : 100% Vegan : Animal Ingredients and Their Alternatives.
Full Spectrum : Full Spectrum
Gluten Free : Follow a gluten-free diet
Natural Terpenes : Natural Terpenes, Natural and Artificial Flavoring
Pesticide Free : CBD Oil products are free of pesticide.
Hemping Live Green, Premium Quality, Best Price, Nature Redifined, Pure ProductsHemping Live Green, Premium Quality, Best Price, Nature Redifined, Pure Products


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