Strawberry Cough

Flair THC-O Disposable (Strawberry Cough)

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  • Classic and sleek Design
  • Drag Activated Disposables
  • High performance
  • Best possible taste and strong effects
  • Pure flavor and convenience.
  • Strain Description

    Flair THC-O disposable strawberry cough is a Sativa dominant THC-O disposable known to be a combination of two potent strains Strawberry field and Haze. Flair THC-O strawberry cough is famous for its cerebral high and strong skunky-berry-like aroma. It gives you an uplifting and euphoric high which is exactly what you need after a long stressful day.
  • Effects

    Uplifting, and Euphoric.
  • Key Factors

    Due to its high potency THC Levels, we would recommend it.
  • Flavor Notes

    Earthy and Fruity and Citrusy. Strong Aromatic Herbs And earthy exhale.
  • Ingredients

    -THC-O distillates
    -Natural Terpenes.
    Flair THC-O Disposables are refined and concentrated versions of delta-8 THC, It can be harsh on
    the throat.
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4.8 16 Reviews
  • Kuzbari

    HHC hits fast but thc o is basically the opposite. I have had both for a while and the experience is quite different. Smooth smoke but this big guy here moves pretty silent and deadly. I like it, the high creeps up on you, it feels pretty nice to fall asleep off it. keep 8it goin good.

  • Michael Corke

    Great product.. I love it

  • Holly Herrmann

    Delta 8 was my jam until I just recently ordered and tried this thc-o cart. I’ve not gone back from it. Again. Ever!

  • JOHN Nialys

    The effects are loud. It works slow but once it hits the effects are like tons of brick railroaded. The strawberry even makes it too pleasant to pull and puff. You do that and keep hitting until it blasts in your face.

  • john.271.g

    This hits harder than expected and it’s hard to dose since the come-up is so delayed and long, I almost got lost in an overwhelming high. Still great in a good way.

  • Austin M

    Glad I found these carts. Super powerful strain. Been looking for something like this for a long time, kept getting stuffs that didn’t work right, until this. The smoke holds good and like that it gets heated up quite quickly. Thumbs up.

  • Michael Shupp

    You hit this and immediately taste the strawberry flavor, and then BOOM that cough comes in, (hence the name) , good taste but it is the harshest of them all !

  • Cole Murphy

    Dude is so chill…good stuff we’ve got here. I have had Strawberry Cough for a while now and nothing comes close. it’s so tasty and comes at you pretty good.

  • michael

    I actually have three of these pens and I just got them last night and neither of them work. This is a very horrible product. It is very hard to suck and it doesn’t last long .... I would vote it down.

  • Rosario Padilla

    THCO is absolutely amazing. It definitely is strong, and the best one I have had is this one right here, this strawberry cough. Flair makes a range of THCO and delta9 carts that I have tried and they are all super nice.

  • john Michalak

    I was underwhelmed by the THCO I had tried last year, but I just picked these carts up today, and brother, I finally get the hype, lol. It's basically an inhalable edible with a very unique high. Crazy high.

  • Thomas Pulignano

    This is super smooth. I have used some but this hits the mark the most. The effects start small and slow, then amplifies after a good 20 mins. I enjoyed the blow.

  • Isabella Kiesling

    I've been super intrigued by THC-O & haven't tried it yet cuz I've been skeptical due to mixed opinions on it. But the reviews I see are quite encouraging. If I could, this would be it.

  • John Kasireddy

    I just got this strawberry cough thc o dispo and this thing got me absolutely fried lol. This lasts longer than d9 for me. BOMB!!!

  • Geneva Pietroforte


  • Stella Lopez-Fournier

    I had got a similar flavor from a different brand and it tasted nasty and burnt. Didn’t get a taste of the strawberry at all. I switched brands and got what i deserved. This is one of the best purchases I have made this year.