CBD is not new; it is on this planet from thousands of years. But in 2018 FDA started to approve it for treatment and legalize it. It was used for several treatments in many parts of the world as a traditional medicine before 18th century. But they are also having some psychoactive chemicals that can be habitual.

Now CBD is regularized in USA with farm bill 2018, that no product should contains THC greater than 0.3%.  Many people who lost their hope with arthritis, depression, epilepsy, anxiety, movement disorder and pain got a new chance to live without suffering. Suddenly market for CBD boomed and people are buying and trying whatever they get.

It is important to understand about broad spectrum and full spectrum CBD before you purchase. CBD products is now convenient and available in many forms like pills, oils, gummies, topical cream and many other edible items. But it all depends on which type of CBD is used in your products.

There are three major types of CBD available in market.

Full spectrum

It contains virtually all things from a hemp plants. It contains many natural terpenes and also THC with in limit of 0.3% There are many substance available in full spectrum that even science needed to discover.

It is most pure and unrefined version of hemp plant. Selective plant breeding makes it possible for us to get full advantage of hemp plant with in legal limit of THC.

If your preference is full natural product, full spectrum CBD is for you.

Broad spectrum

Broad spectrum CBD is also having almost all things as full spectrum but THC is removed. Many people prefer this product as they don’t want psychoactive effects of THC or tetrahydrocannabinol .

However in lower & legal limit some people don’t prefer mind altering THC in their consumption. So broad spectrum products is safer version of full spectrum.

CBD isolate

CBD isolate is kind a refined product with only CBD in it. There are no unknown chemical, essential oils and terpenes in it. It is most pure and processed version of CBD. It is pure upto 99% and often available as a powder or crystal form. You must dilute it according to your dose.

Full spectrum vs broad spectrum CBD


CBD Types Full spectrum Broad Spectrum Isolate
Contains CBD, Terpenes, THC, fats, phenolics ,wax, fibers CBD, Terpenes, fats, phenolics, wax, fibers CBD
Pro -Full value of money
-Natural product
-Advantage of natural terpenes
-entourage effect
-Low dose works well
-Value of money
-No THC at all
-Advantage of natural terpenes
-entourage effect
-Medium dose works
-Pure CBD Upto 99%
-No problem in drug test
-Low aftertaste
- No Color and flavor
-Can be easily added in any recipe    
Cons -Might cause problem in Drug test
-Cause aftertaste
-Color and flavor are there
-Not suitable for all recipe
-Very low chance of positive drug test
-Low color and flavor
-No natural terpenes available
-Low entourage effect
-May require higher dose CBD compare to full and broad
-Require specific dose  

Process of manufacturing

First of all, specific breed of hemp plants are chosen for extraction process. Most common used process is Low CO2 extraction. It separates carboxyl group from the acid form of CBD, THC and other terpenes. It is then converted to active fom of substance. The same process happens when CBD bud is used by smokers with vaporizer. This extraction is done in labs. The result product is full spectrum CBD. This contains naturally occurring THC in it. To make broad spectrum product they remove THC from it. And they separate CBD with distillation process to make CBD isolate product.

So which is better?

There is no specific answer. It’s all depends on various conditions and terms. Person to person preference might be different.

If you want to take full advantage of hemp, you should choose full spectrum. But if you are concern about workplace drug test, you should choose CBD isolate.

However many states doesn’t have restriction over THC, but there is a psychoactive content is matter of fact in full spectrum oil.

Broad spectrum oil is middle way solution to avoid THC and get natural form of hemp. But choice might be different from head to head.


Full Spectrum Vs Broad Spectrum Vs CBD Isolate Infographics

Types of CBD Infographic