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Hempingus.com - CBD Oil & CBD Gummies Giveaway

Giveaway Contest Ended.

Winners Announced!

As per Giveaway contest we have announced 50 lucky winners (selected randomly).

Each winner will receive following items for free

50 Lucky Winners:

  • Joy Marish
  • Colleen Schilinski
  • kelly light
  • Dale Fish
  • sadia shaikh
  • Jennifer Stapp
  • Emily Zuker
  • Isabella Tugman
  • Susan Stickney
  • Lawrence Colvin
  • Michelle Coles
  • Tyler Ginter
  • Soraya E Monzote
  • Kim O’Hanlon
  • Larry Jackson
  • Cheryl Bomar
  • Davene Bennett
  • Helga Romoser
  • Diane Redcay
  • Anthony Tulli
  • Nicole Martin
  • Jake Bray
  • Karen Mayernick
  • William Dalgauer
  • kristi mcbain
  • Heather Weinstock
  • Lynda Johnson
  • Cristy Ridey
  • Richard Hicks
  • Nick Shipley
  • Lance Saltzman
  • Rena Walter
  • Bonnie Fisher
  • Frank Jung
  • Tamara M Tanner
  • Rhett Zimmerman
  • David Blog
  • Kristina Collier
  • linda firth
  • Dianne Hurley
  • Cheryll Powning
  • Nancy Krueger
  • Mya Weston
  • Vallancia Malone
  • Michael McLane
  • Christina Hawkins
  • Michael Capp
  • Rita Leonard
  • Ronnell Storie

We have contacted above winners for the same. Please let us know if you are in selected list and till not have received email from us.


  • You must be 21+ and USA resident.
  • There will be 50 lucky winners will be selected randomly.
  • Each winner will receive Full Spectrum CBD oil 250mg (Peppermint) and Broad Spectrum CBD Infused Gummies 500mg (Mixed Fruit).
  • You can Win this prize by just entering with your email address.
  • For Bonus entries, complete the actions. The more actions you complete, the more you increase your chances to win!

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