Blue Razz

Hemping HHC Gummies 500mg (Blue Razz) 20ct

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  • 20ct Jar
  • Delicious Watermelon OG flavors
  • Total HHC Contents 500 MG
  • HHC contents per gummy : 25MG
  • Sealed with proprietary technology to keep it fresh!!
Total CBD500mg
  • About

    Looking for an HHC gummy that has a nice nostalgic kick to it? hemping HHC gummies blue razz offers that citrusy yet sweet blue raspberry fruity flavor that makes your pallet go wild and bursts those flavor bombs in your mouth. Not just the flavor but also the effects of this hybrid strain makes go wow with uplifting and energizing high. Enjoy Hemping HHC gummies every bite with a potent high and mouth wateri8ng taste.
  • Consumption warning

    We recommend starting with 1 gummy and waiting for its high potency effect before consuming one more.
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4.6 7 Reviews
  • Jackson Caceres

    These HHC gummies are wild. I don't do it that often, and so I ate two gummies! Two gummies put me flat on my back! I was gonna take a walk but I decided not to because I could have been stopped for public intoxication, couldn't walk in a straight line! Well, I guess I'm a lightweight, tolerance is everything I guess.

  • Kenneth Harris

    I like the slow creep. I want to enjoy my high in slow, relaxing increments so I can decide where I know I want to be on a predictable basis. Not like BAM! in your face the first hit or the first gummy. And that’s what i get with this. Tried the delta9 and it was a double whammy.

  • Caden OBryon

    HHC gummies are no joke. This is a very loud one. Don’t come close if your tolerance levels are low. This shit can mess you up pretty bad.

  • Jayden Oneill

    YES!!! If you haven’t tried this, you should. The clarity is a very real thing and you feel like you can get your life together for a few hours.. and feels like your body is in the ocean with waves moving your body.

  • Staab

    I ate like 6 of these and smoked and was high asf but when I just ate them I didn’t feel anything. Don’t know why…I think I might be broken idk tho

  • Brooks

    Thc-0 did absolutely nothing for me while I love d8 but experienced the same thing, but the HHC is totally different, a true vibe. I absolutely love it.

  • Bob McGuire

    I used the HHC gummies yesterday and boy what a pretty sight although I used it with the thc-o and experience isn’t something I can fully explain.