Full Spectrum CBD oil 250mg (Mango)

 4.9   (18 Reviews)

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  • Full Spectrum
  • Natural terpenes
  • Organic USA based Hemp – farming
  • Industrial high-grade CO2 extraction method.
  • Non- GMO, 100%vegan.
  • Pesticides free
  • Cruelty free
  • Product QR codes for authentic lab reports
  • Non-toxic THC level.(0.03%)
  • Adjustable serving
Total CBD250mg
  • Product Description

    With a great juicy & a little tangy flavor of mango with a perfect combination of calming and relaxing cannabinoids making this Hemping full spectrum CBD oil mango a tropical delight to your daily wellness program.
  • Suggested Use

    2 droppers (1ml) per serving contain about 8mg Hemp extract. Each bottle contains 30 servings(approx.)
  • Ingredients

    250mg Hemp extract, MCT oil, Essential oils, Natural terpenes, Natural and artificial Flavoring.
Hemping Live Green, Premium Quality, Best Price, Nature Redifined, Pure Products Hemping Live Green, Premium Quality, Best Price, Nature Redifined, Pure Products


4.9 18 Reviews
  • rewind56

    Liked so far. I think I will need stronger dose. But this is my first time with cbd so I have started with 250mg

  • michael

    This CBD oil in mango flavor offers me that proper entourage effect I was hoping for without losing my senses. The tincture is made of excellent quality farm grown hemp.

  • Tatem Perez

    My aunt was going through chemotherapy treatment so she started using this hemp-derived CBD oil to reduce her nausea side effects. This good quality oil even helps relax her mind during this struggling time.

  • matthew

    An ideal product for people who want to stay away from THC. Also, an outstanding tropical mango flavor. Every time I have it, I feel the taste of real mango fruit on my tongue.

  • Alexandra

    I just started using Hemming tinctures for a while now, and the results are amazing. It helped with anxiety. Shipping was also fast and easy. My niece is always fond of the citrus aftertaste, and she bothers me with it. Indeed, an incredible choice for a great relaxing effect.

  • patrick harris

    Good quality, great taste. Some after taste remains, but no issue.

  • ava Monzo

    I have been using this full spectrum CBD oil for 8 months now, and I can happily say that this product relieved my muscle pain issue. BTW I ain’t addicted to it. All you have to ensure is not to take it more than the recommended dosage.

  • Anthony Collins

    Hempingus mango flavored CBD oil is a trademark of authentic taste and good quality. Without getting high, I can relax myself during a stressful day. Also, it is 100% vegan, so it suits my diet habits.

  • Anne-Marie SANGREY

    Are you someone struggling with stress due to work pressure at the workplace? You are in the same situation as me. To cope up with this constant problem I added this CBD oil to my lifestyle. It really helped me a lot. I will recommend you can also consider it for the same cause.

  • Moore

    Very good tincture! Ordered mine a couple of days ago. This variant works well even at the lower dose and has been a great help for my sleeping disorder. Every night, I do not hesitate to put my nerve to rest after a very demanding 12-hour shift and beyond. Good price and taste is pleasing to me too.

  • Sally Flannery

    High-quality hemp-derived CBD oil helps me keep my anxiety in check. Wheneva I feel anxious I instantly put a drop of this tasty oil on my tongue and see myself calmed down within a few minutes. Only shipping delays at my address I now make sure to place an order before I finish the bottle.

  • keyion Stewart

    Delicious mango flavor is the first thing I’ll like to loathe about this CBD oil. I am a mango lover, so it suffices my craving for mangoes in the offseason. Anyways, when it comes to the results, a little dose of this full-spectrum CBD oil helps me get 7 hrs of sleep that was hard for me to get since I changed my job.

  • anita_daniels246

    ?????? Nice CBD oil, good quality

  • Slawomir Strzepek

    Very tasty mango flavor.

  • Skylar

    Never believed I could get along with a mango taste for any reason, but I hanged on since it helped with the pain. So far, the anti-inflammatory effect impresses. I enjoy reduced aching muscles and joints, especially after the gym. I'm still experimenting on a perfect dose, though……Many thanks for the fast delivery and prompt feedback. I will be back.

  • Jeffrey Arnoldy

    Worked great!!

  • Jackson Caceres

    Nothing beats the euphoria effects offered by this hemp-derived CBD oil from Hempingus. It is our go-to purchase whenever we plan a party to chill out with the friends!

  • Bert zacchi

    Due to the immense stress of pandemic, I was experiencing sleepless nights. I was afraid of my family getting infected with this virus. Knowing about my condition, one of my close friends suggested this full spectrum CBD oil. As soon as I started using this oil, I saw a positive change in my sleeping pattern. The oil is 100% organic.