Grand-daddy Purple

Flair THC-O Disposable (Grand Daddy Purple)

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  • Classic and sleek Design
  • Drag Activated Disposables
  • High performance
  • Best possible taste and strong effects
  • Pure flavor and convenience.
  • Strain Description

    This amazing and most popular strain is loaded with 21% THC level, a Combination of big bud & purple urkle with an average of moderate THC levels, and Delicious Candy.
  • Effects

    Relaxing and Cerebral
    Euphoric and Hungry
  • Key Factors

    The granddaddy purple has become the top choice for cannaisseurs and we at flair could not leave this global icon.
  • Flavor Notes

    Fruity Blend
    Floral Aromatic
  • Ingredients

    -THC-O distillates
    -Natural Terpenes.
    Flair THC-O Disposables are refined and concentrated version of delta-8 THC ,It can be harsh on
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4.6 21 Reviews
  • Patrick leygerman

    I have used this strain in various forms. Smoked them as buds, as delta 8 vapes and now as thco vapes. If i were to give a verdict on which holdouts the most and better, i would say the bud but that's not to say that any of the others including this one isn’t any good. In fact I particularly liked the increased intensity of this thco variant, a departure from the calm revel of the buds.

  • Vanessa Santiago

    A very Very reliable product. Keeps me staying functional, but sedated. Great head. Surprised it helped with migraine & vomiting but not surprised because flair has proven overtime to a reliable manufacturer of vape products. Since I found the flair range of devices, I have not had cause to go back.

  • Kevin Lim

    This is some really good product. I like the quality of the build, it is firm and functions well. GDP as always delivers in the right proportions, a cerebral high that is calm and measured. GDP is a good daytime strain and this vape lives up to expectations and shows it isn’t one of the many fakes out there.

  • John Tabeek

    Enjoy every bit of it. Started using medically and this GDP vape is the support I crave. I make the best of downtimes to lift my spirit and relieve pain with this vape pen.

  • Racheal Chiodi

    I am very excited to see so many other people display so much passion for the Grandaddy Purp. It's the only herb I have used, and I've tried a whole lot of others like the purple diesel, grape ape and some other purple weeds, but none calms me like old grandad and this grandaddy purp vape feels so much like the real deal.

  • Aimee Fitzgerald

    I am finding this device a sweet relief. Never thought I would find anything that's close to the flavor of the weed strain but this Granddaddy Purple vape makes all the difference. The Granddaddy Purple has by far been my all-time favorite weed strain, not only because it's fire, but because purple-colored weed is very beautiful all things considered. Cheers!

  • Melissa Vargas

    Anyways, I find the granddaddy purple a fine strain across all types.

  • Fountain

    This hands down in my opinion is easily one of the best strains I've had the pleasure to sample to this day, and I've had a lot. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment with it. The device is sleek and I like how it’s built.. I know because it fell from different heights many times throughout the period I had it. Really good stuff.

  • Audrey Lalor

    Man, Thco is fire. Boy! Had the best night of my life hanging out with my boys tereses and mandy. Crazy sort of high. Didn’t expect it to knock me down hard but woke up feeling really great. Feels like I have been missing in on the action for too long. Now I have got it, i’ve got the game.. And i am sticking with it for a long time.

  • stewart

    I literally just finally got my hands on this flair strain some minutes ago for thanksgiving dinner and I’m overwhelmed with excitement. I have heard a whole lot of great things about this strain and can’t wait to try it, wish me luck.

  • Nell

    I have had this and went straight dookie. Balanced strain anyway. Same effects like you would get smoking the bud but I got a hint of heavy hitting effects after a few days. Maybe it’s the thco doing it’s magic, can’t really say, just a thought.

  • Thomas

    The Grandaddy Purp is my favorite strain. A classic Og. I used to get the buds from Medicci that was until they closed. Now i’ve found these. I just got some yesterday and the experience is amazing. Same completely dominant Indica strain I have been used to from the Medicci Purp.

  • William Celusniak

    I have done some due diligence and now I can say for sure that the Granddaddy Purple by flair is by far the best vape strain out there. In my opinion, Flair makes the best disposable vapes. I have never been disappointed by anyone I have got. They make the best stuff I tell you.

  • will_patane268

    Great quality man. Didn't expect any less any way. Loved the experience from start to finish.

  • tanya_schaub262

    A real grandad who's got the memo on how to take care of its grandkids like us. Shit the vape is on fire. Subtle but firm in a solid way that makes you want to come back for more. Would love to write more about it but I need to get back bliss…lalaland.

  • Edelschein

    Hey man I just have to drop a great review of the GDP. I used to take it for med relief and it was perfect. At the time, I had it on a subscription service but they closed down. It was crazy until I found these ones. The reach has helped me deal with my pain issues and it provides a decent sense of calm and relief every time.

  • Gabby vollmecke

    The Granddaddy Purple THC-o vape is a classic. Super flavorful, it always delivers an exciting experience every time. I could have it all day every day.

  • Stella Lopez-Fournier

    GDP is the strain I fell in love with as a teen. It’s NOT a heavy high, it's the bud you smoke when you don’t wanna be stupid high, you know, you actually can smoke GDP and get shit done for the day. Thought it was the same with this but i think the thco gives it some heightened leveling strength. Great piece though, no doubt.

  • Peter Monge

    I have just got some loads of these after getting a taste from a friend. Never would I have thought that I would be going this way by dang the excitement was well worth it.

  • Naz shanks

    So I had this happen to me… bought it once from a different manufacturer and was NOT impressed...bought it again from Flair and i found what i was looking for… it was very nice..relaxing for me ...:)

  • jaime.181.miller

    I love the aroma it gives off, it smells really nice and sometimes I get to switch it up with the gelato for that extra kick. Never regretted the mix, never found any better.