Watermelon Melatonin

Broad Spectrum CBD Infused Gummies 200mg (Watermelon Melatonin) 10ct

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  • 10 ct Pouch
  • Delicious watermelon flavor
  • 20 mg Hemp extract per gummies with 5mg melatonin.
  • 100% non-GMO, vegan!
  • Broad Spectrum
  • Zero THC level
  • Organic, Natural terpenes
  • Sealed with proprietary technology to keep it fresh!!
Total CBD200mg
  • Product Description

    Hemping CBD sleep gummies binds the relaxing CBD experience with melatonin for a leisurely night to unravel your night routine.
    Each gummy contains a 20mg Hemp plant extract and 5mg melatonin with lushy watermelon to detangle your busy day and keep you relaxed, healthy and calm with peaceful sleep for your improved night times!!
  • Suggested Use

    1-2 gummies per dose , 5-10 servings per pack!
    Total CBD percentage per dose 20-40mg
  • Ingredients

    Corn Syrup, Pectin, Less Than 2% of: Sunflower Oil, Water, Flavoring, Sodium Citrate, Sodium Acid Sulfate, Hemp Extract, Citric Acid
Hemping Live Green, Premium Quality, Best Price, Nature Redifined, Pure Products Hemping Live Green, Premium Quality, Best Price, Nature Redifined, Pure Products


4.5 10 Reviews
  • Ray

    I give this 5/5; my daughter has been suffering anxiety and panic attacks. The gummies keep the nerve down and even let her focus on TV, especially at night. I do take some during the weekend after a busy morning. Gets me relaxed or sleepy. Nice Stuff

  • SIM

    If you are a 50 year old woman like me, I can understand your problems. No sleeps, lots of cramps, restless mind, emotional imbalance, This gummies are solution of all the problem after menopause.

  • esmoker35

    Watermelon flavour is perfect for this product. My 70year old grandma taking it every 5-6 hours and stay relaxed all time. She forgot to complaint about pain.

  • timy?

    This is amazing product for my painful body. It improved my sleep pattern and maintain freshness during whole day.

  • rewind56

    Really satisfied with your product. But it should be in jar packing. 10 pcs are very low quantity in single packing. It lasts only 3 days to me.

  • Holly park

    Kudos! I like every bit of the fluffy bites. The company did a good job on this one. Chews can get tasteless and sweet after a while; I usually get lost on track and find myself sleeping off. Sleek packaging and the price isn’t bad at all. Cheers!

  • tiffany

    It is really fast and portable. I don’t like mess of tincture. It is costly but effective for sure.

  • Joe corner

    Just after dinner or before 30 minutes of your bed time. This is perfect routine for me. It taste like a real watermelon candy. Melatonin works like a pro.

  • Cherry

    With chronic back problems at a young age, this really helps me get going to do my daily home cleaning. Uplifting when you have something to do or relaxing if you've had a rough day. Great stuff, and fast shipping from these guys too!

  • Robert2fly

    Ordered for my wife and she really liked the first thing i purchased for her, LOL.