Full Spectrum CBD oil 500mg (Mango)

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  • Full Spectrum
  • Natural terpenes
  • Organic USA based Hemp – farming
  • Industrial high-grade CO2 extraction method.
  • Non- GMO, 100%vegan.
  • Pesticides free
  • Cruelty free
  • Product QR codes for authentic lab reports
  • Non-toxic THC level.(0.03%)
  • Adjustable serving
Total CBD500mg
  • Product Description

    With a great juicy & a little tangy flavor of mango with a perfect combination of calming and relaxing cannabinoids making this Hemping full spectrum CBD oil mango a tropical delight to your daily wellness program.
  • Suggested Use

    2 droppers (1ml) per serving contain about 17mg Hemp extract. Each bottle contains 30 servings(approx.)
  • Ingredients

    500mg Hemp extract, MCT oil, Essential oils, Natural terpenes, Natural and artificial Flavoring.
Hemping Live Green, Premium Quality, Best Price, Nature Redifined, Pure Products Hemping Live Green, Premium Quality, Best Price, Nature Redifined, Pure Products


4.7 27 Reviews
  • Joe

    I ordered one for my wife's pain. Turns out I made a good pick for her. This product eases all the symptoms that come with her chronic neck and back pains. Product arrived a little bit earlier than expected. Good price for a product that actually works!

  • Chris

    Really helps with anxiety and muscle pain. I admit it took me a while before I got used to the taste. Been using this for a month now, and my experience is near life-changing. My daughter noticed I no longer ruminate on thoughts for hours. The CBD oil has a way of keeping you at the moment and getting rest so quickly. Nice one guys!

  • Melissa Vargas

    My grandad was suffering from chronic joint pain so I bought this hemp-infused CBD oil for him. The oil has reduced his pain, and it even helps him sleep properly at night. Also, he loves the flavor as he is fussy about taking meds due to their bitter taste. I would like to thank Hempingus for creating such an amazing and organic product.

  • Andrew Vargas

    Really good product

  • aidan_forsythe506

    This full spectrum CBD oil relieved my anxiety problem a lot. Besides, it comes in travel-friendly bottles that allows me to carry it in my bag easily. Now I can regulate my anxiousness anywhere and anytime. I gained back my confidence after adding this CBD oil to my life for medicinal purposes.

  • Vazquez

    Nothing beats the taste of this mango flavor CBD oil by Hempingus. I feel like eating tropical fruit itself whenever I put a drop on my tongue. Apart from this, it served my medical requirement to cure insomnia. Now I am able to enjoy a goodnight’s sleep like before.

  • Jose Iadanza

    I love Mango. It gave me new hope in life.

  • matthew.663.lagamba

    An ideal flavor of CBD oil for mango lovers! I bought this for the first time but was totally amazed with the perfectly formulated taste of this mango flavor CBD oil. Entourage effect it provides is also commendable. This gonna be always stocked in my closet.

  • tiffany

    The CBD oil is fantastic! Mom of 4 here with severe stress/anxiety. I would get panic attacks, so bad that I experienced chest pressure/pain and shortness of breath. It’s the worst. Since I started using these tinctures, my wellbeing has been better. I also have the 250mg for morning use. Works almost instantaneously. I definitely recommend.

  • crackity Diener

    I think the mellow mango flavor of this organic CBD oil is more addictive than the THC level in it. The nerve-soothing effects of oil are something that makes it the best in the market. I can regain my lost energy after consuming it.

  • Arthur Le

    There are the least possible chances of getting addicted to this hemp-derived CBD oil as it contains very less amount of THC. I never get high after consuming it. Make sure you do not take more than recommended dosage.

  • Benjmen Crump

    Oil Quality A1, Customer support A1.

  • Boaz Carter

    Got a late delivery but this high-quality CBD oil really worked in uplifting my depressive mood that I had been experiencing for quite a few days. Will definitely buy again from them.

  • Paul Tully

    My days are getting better and better. It has been 15 days since using CBD Oil Mango

  • dante.669.toms

    Regular using this %% . It is now part of my life. Some times I swaps between full spectrum and broad one.

  • Tim

    It is far better than many CBD oils that I have tried. Reduces aches, stiffness and joint pain with good Mango taste.

  • nicole Sauter

    When I have to purchase only good quality CBD tincture to enjoy with my friends, I only trust Hempingus products. Their full spectrum CBD oil range is made of farm grown hemp extracts that boost our party mood without losing our senses.

  • Justin Hinkle

    Best for night time usage. happy and healthy love life. Both of us likes Mango

  • ava Monzo

    CBD Oil helped me much in anxity and all health related issues. the product is highly recommend to anyone suffering.

  • felix Miller

    I have used many CBD oils. but Hemping CBD oil is best till now. Mango flavor is good enough to hide odd taste.

  • Eliza Dimeglio

    Strong and long lasting oil.

  • Jim Meli

    Quick and easy way to dissolve my pain. CBD Oil Mango is my first choice till now.

  • Cole Buckley

    Strong enough.

  • roothemping

    Full spectrum mango oil have their own benefits. Various terpenes have different health effects. But overall good product.

  • Joseph Giovenello-Haber

    I only prefer vegan products so I choose this full spectrum CBD oil by Hempingus. It’s a 100% vegan and cruelty-free product. The hemp blended oil moreover keeps me sane during stressful times. I don’t lose my calm easily now!

  • Nguyen

    I wanted to use CBD oil to relax my tired mind, so I bought this mango flavored product. I got superb results thanks to their organic formula. Now I can revive my senses with just 1 drop of this CBD oil. However, I feel it is somewhat pricey.

  • walter_esposito721

    I would suggest 500 instead of 250 mg