Panama Red

Flair THC-O Disposable (Panama Red)

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  • Easy to Use.
  • Third- party lab- tasting.
  • No fillers, no additives and No artificial flavorings or ingredients.
  • Solvent/ pesticides free.
  • No refilling, no maintenance and no recharging required.
  • About

    This old-school classic is a pure strain. An OG strain as OG's can get, the Flair THC-O disposable Panama Red offers soothing medicated experiences and intense psychedelic effects. It's a happy go strain with deep feelings of energy, excitement and uplifting moments. Reminiscent of the stoner eras of the hippy 60s, the OG Flair THC-O disposable Panama Red is the life of the party. The Flair THC-O disposable is sleek and designed with you in mind. The device is made with the best quality materials.
  • High lights

    400 + puffs approx.
    800 mg delta 8 THC
    User friendly ready to use devices.
    Hemp-infused Vapor.
  • Warnings

    Average dosage of 2-3 drags every 6 hours.
    Do not operate heavy machinery after use.
    Do not use if being drug tested
    Must be 21 or older to use.
Hemping Live Green, Premium Quality, Best Price, Nature Redifined, Pure Products Hemping Live Green, Premium Quality, Best Price, Nature Redifined, Pure Products


4.5 22 Reviews
  • nick.577.swartz

    The panama red leaves a distinct taste on the palette. The dynamic taste profile and the classic build all flair devices have to offer makes this one of the best investments when you are buying a vape. I really like the sweet fruity taste and the sour sting it leaves on the tongue.

  • Matthew Jaworowski

    This right here is the real deal. Actually, this is the first time I am getting value for my money since I started trying vapes.Flair vapes are just the absolute best vapes around. This panama red is the best vape cart I’ve ever bought. These are some real shit fr fr.

  • Richard Johnston

    Not usually my go-to strain but I was curious the other month about it when I stumbled on it at a friends party. Excellent stuff, I like it as an early evening social smoke...ideally with some gaming. The device also makes it all the more worthwhile. Strong, Sturdy and reliable.

  • ray386

    The panama red is a fine flavor. I recommend it for anyone in doubt.

  • Tyler Derr

    This flavor is one of my favorites and the potency is top notch as well. I like it. I’ve also bought and used the purple runtz & pineapple express variants as well for the past months now and I like how they perform. The taste and aroma are great. I really recommend.

  • nichole Kaffman

    Flair gives the most value for money. I have used the vape for a long time and it is one of the best shits of a vape I know. Every of the flair products I have tried have not disappointed, says a lot about their commitment to quality. I am impressed.

  • Vincent ashburn

    I found flair quite early on my vaping journey and it has been the best decision i have made in a long time. You will never go wrong with flair.

  • Charles

    Smoking this right now. Beautiful n fucking sweet. Fucking loving this vape right now. It’s got me right where I wanna be.

  • Geneva Pietroforte

    I don’t know what this is or the attempt flair tried to achieve. It tastes awful and the strength quality is very questionable. I don’t think it is potent enough. They can make it better.

  • devin_artutis930

    Just got done smoking these for the first time and it was top tier. It’s a bang for your buck. You would love it, I promise.

  • giovanni217

    I like how the panama red performs. It is a fine strain and always works well with my mind. A rich profile with the classic flair delivery.

  • John Luberto

    The Flair Panama red is my no1 strain atm. Its effects feel so much like the blue cookies and I sometimes get the GSC vibe check off it. It’s a good choice and great for slow days and those days when you don’t feel too good.

  • Peter Sanchez

    Seems like a nice "relax and smoke joint" kind of flavor. Good stuff. By far my favorite of all the strains I have tried compared to other strains. It tastes really really nice and the high is smooth and enjoyable.

  • Jenna Gale

    This strain should have a very floral aroma and some mild piney, lemony flavor. But the terps really come out when you dab it from pressing rosin.

  • Beth

    This flavor just makes the work easy. Found it only a while ago and I have liked it ever since. Session after session the vape delivers and the flavor stays consistent. I am amazed!!

  • Chris Beader

    The panama red is a great flavor and I have not been disappointed by how this one has performed. Great value for money. I pretty much didn’t expect that from a disposable.

  • Alyssa lorton

    It's a pretty good strain with sativa effects and a steady buzz. I especially like how the device is sleek and easy to hold. It's also very discreet, I take it along on my travels to Europe.

  • samiel.825.davis

    Panama red, Pineapple Express, durban poison all have incredible strain values in my opinion. They are strong and offer good value. I particularly like how flair makes them. This flavor is top tier and great value for money for the og vaper.

  • Jacek Conti

    This is a strong heavy hitter but it doesn’t cloud your mind. It’s just the right amount of high for you. Not really a couch body but it allows for maximum relaxation too.

  • Jordyn DeAngelo

    Tried this strain twice, never again! makes you so energetic you start shaking and can make you feel low after. be careful haha.

  • anthony.544.mazik

    I have tried different flair strains and I can say that all perform well. And this Panama red is different. I love the way it smells & smokes. Shows how good you’ve made these. Keep up the good work.

  • Memphis RIVERA

    I have used this strain for a long time and it has withstood all the harsh conditions I have thrown at it and it's still going. Wish however, you would make it heat much faster. I needed to wait a good 2 minutes to sense it properly fired up.