CBD Oil for Healing Open Skin Wound

CBD Oil for Healing Open Skin Wound

CBD topicals are a part of the rapidly burgeoning medical marijuana niche. These lotions, balms, salves, and oils come in handy for a range of applications.

This article discusses CBD oil and how it may help heal open skin wounds.

Lately, CBD therapies have proven to be an effective analgesic ingredient in both botanical and pharmaceutical products.

A case report published in the Journal of Pain and Symptom Management supports cannabis-based topicals for open wounds.

The study further explains that about 15 percent of cancer patients experience malignant sore, which worsens their condition. This condition is followed by diverse discomforts, including:

  • Exudation
  • Mass 
  • Pain
  • Bleeding
  • Pruritus

Now, let’s discuss some ways CBD can help your open wound.

Aesthetic distress

Sadly, over time, the wounds worsen and become treatment-resistant.

For this, wound care experts recommend a suitable treatment regimen to reduce the chances of a sudden degeneration. Here, CBD may come in real handy.

Open Wound Care

User testimonies show topical CBD applications may help manage open wounds.

However, note that ingredients like grain alcohol and ethanol are common ingredients in CBD oil. These substances serve as solvents for extracting a fair amount of concentrated CBD oil. Sadly, CBD oils with these ingredients are unfriendly to open wounds.

When applying CBD topicals for open wounds, prefer CBD-infused balms or lotions with skin-friendly carrier oils like almond and coconut oil.

Interestingly, CBD with coconut oil delivers some bonuses, as it contains Lauric acid. This acid has anti-microbial properties, which serve as a disinfectant for your open wound, leaving your wound disease-free as it heals.

Although other career oils might work as well for your wound, you’d need to be double sure before you consider any. Better still, discuss with a medical professional before choosing and administering CBD oil for your open wound.

CBD as an antibiotic

Keeping an open wound clean is a critical aspect of wound management. Research concludes that a CBD-THC formula may serve as a potent antibiotic.

Surprisingly, five major cannabis compounds, including CBD, proved high-potent against several Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus(MRSA) strains.

Researchers found this discovery particularly intriguing since MRSA too often proves too challenging to treat as it eats up the skin.

CBD for burns

CBD infused salves may help manage scales, small cuts, and abrasions on the skin.

These topicals may act as first aids to curb pain and reduce swellings around troubled areas, yet delivering antibiotic properties, simultaneously.

Managing inflammation soon enough in your healing process may help you prevent unsightly scarring on your skin.

CBD for First Aid

CBD-infused balms may come real handy for managing small cutsabrasion and scrapes on your skin. CBD-infused topicals mauu help lessen pain and swelling at affected spots while delivering its antibiotic properties.

Curbing inflammation early enough helps you avoid scarring that wreaks havoc on your skin.

CBD for Other skin conditions

Besides open wounds, CBD-infused rubs may be an excellent solution to a range of skin conditions. Here are some:

  • CBD for Acne

Acne is common. We all had that discomforting breakout at some point in our lives. With so many acne sufferers, manufacturers are rolling out many products to cater to the rising demand for a solution to this problem.

Acne is caused by excess sebum secretion. Thankfully, CBD studies suggest CBD may help reduce sebum production.

When using CBD for acne, you may need some trial and error to find one that cuts it for your skin.

Hemp seed oil may serve well in this aspect, too – it contains loads of helpful omega fatty acids and antioxidants, which makes it an equally viable product for your skin.

  • Allergic Dermatitis

Regardless of how careful you try to be, we always encounter allergens. Allergy is the body’s natural way to wade off infections – well, one which doesn’t exist.

Using a CBD-based lotion may help you reduce the effect and prevent the continuous response from the immune system. This gets rid of the inflammation, reduces the redness and itching.

  • Mosquito bites

Although mostly anecdotal, evidence shows CBD oil may help manage mosquito bite’s visual effect on the skin.

Topical application of CBD balm may quicken the skin’s recovery from mosquito bit signs.

After applying CBD-infused lotion to affected areas, the itching and pops should wane in about 15 minutes.

Forms of Topical CBD for Healing Open Wounds

The CBD market is flooded with several topical applications, including:

  • Cream
  • Oils
  • Sprays
  • Lotions
  • salves
  • Lip balm

While CBD may house some healing properties, some products may contain ingredients that may trigger reactions like itching and redness. So, when using a new topical, patch-test – that is, apply it to a small target area of your skin.

This way, you’re somewhat sure of the effect when applied on a larger area.

Risks and Side Effects

Hemp-based CBD oil is safe and widely tolerated. Quality products come with little to zero THC concentration.

A few users report minor skin irritations with topical application. Hence, remember to test-patch before general use – whether for cosmetic use or your open wound.

On the other hand, oral doses may trigger side effects like a digestive upset or loosened tool. The fatty, oily nature of CBD oil is responsible for this reaction. To avoid this, begin your doses with low amounts, and work up your way to a more suitable dosage.

Wrap up

CBD has potential offers for practically all body organs. Current research shows CBD oil can help protect and even heal open wounds on the skin. Besides its healing properties, the compound contains properties that help disinfect your injuries and prevent bacteria.

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