Can CBD Make Low Or High Blood Pressure?

Can CBD Make Low Or High Blood Pressure?

High blood pressure is medically called hypertension.

As blood pumps through the blood vessels, they move with some level of Pressure. At high pressure, the forceful flow can cause varying degrees of damages to the blood vessel walls, arteries, and veins.

High blood pressure may cause cardiovascular concerns like heart attack, heart failure, stroke, aneurysm, and other severe heart diseases.

It gets even worse with type 2 diabetes, anxiety, stress, insomnia, inflammation, high salty food, tobacco, and alcohol.

Conventional means to regulate irregular blood pressure has left much to be desired among patients with high blood pressure.

What then?

CBD and Blood pressure

Naturally, high blood pressure may be handled by avoiding stressors, reducing salt, alcohol, and tobacco. Regular exercise and consumption of vegetables and fruits are also core ways to lower blood pressure.

Of course, there are several therapeutic prescriptions for lower blood pressure. As mentioned, these alternatives, too often, leave several degrees of side effects, including constipation, headache, swollen ankles, and drowsiness.

Interestingly, new links connect CBD to decreased blood pressure. And, generally, CBD comes with fewer side effects – if any – than your regular pharmaceuticals.

However, before you use CBD, discuss with your local physician – particularly if you’re on another drug prescription.

Does CBD oil lower Blood pressure?

High blood pressure is caused by different factors. However, CBD may manage that caused by anxiety and stress.

When physical and emotional stress heightens, our bodies release cortisol, which, in excess, can cause a rise in blood pressure.

CBD dilates the blood vessels and allows better blood flow, thereby reducing blood flow pressure.

In an 11-man study, CBD showed promises to reduce the body’s cortisol production. The research gathered that participants experienced a notable reduction of cortisol levels. The subjects got 300 mg and 600 mg of Cannabidiol-infused product, different from the placebo control.

 In another study, the nine healthy participants had 600 mg CBD oil. The result reveals that persistent CBD administration can reduce rushing blood pressure, unlike the placebo.

The participants took series of stress tests designed to boost the heart rate. Those who dosed 600mgof CBD recorded lower stress-triggered high blood pressure.

Interestingly, a single 600mg CBD dose manages the blood pressure of men battling stress or resting.

Specific ways CBD Help Reduce Blood Pressure

As mentioned, blood pressure is caused by several factors. Thankfully, some CBD health benefits can also come as a handy solution to your hypertension. Here are some ways CBD may help:

  • Anxiety

Anxiety causes fast heartbeats and palpitations. Heart disease and high blood pressure are the accompanying risks.

Some animal-based studies show CBD may manage anxiety. The study reveals that CBD may reduce anxiety, heart rate and, in turn, reduce high blood pressure.

  • Anti-inflammation

Inflammation isn’t only found in the joints.

Research shows CBD may manage heart inflammation as well as blood flow in the brain.

CBD oil comes with anti-inflammatory properties. Vasorelaxant may reduce blood pressure by allowing uninterrupted blood flow through the heart, veins, and arteries.

  • CBD for improved sleep

CBD’s anti-stress property may also help improve sleep quality.  As we consume CBD to stabilize our adrenals levels, the less we’re likely to feel fatigued. CBD allows our body to get into a more balanced state instead of constant stress.

This reduces your urge for caffeine and also improve sleep quality; contributing a massive lot to your overall health.

How much CBD can I consume for High Blood Pressure?

Remember, FDA is yet to approve any over-the-counter CBD-infused medications – safe Epidiolex, for epilepsy.

Hence, there is no such thing as a universal dosage table. Sex, genetics, weight, and medical history are typical determinants of a suitable dosage.

While we await more scientific data from researches to help determine collective doses, here’s a helpful guide:

Experts have gotten the best therapeutic results from a dose range of 20 mg to 300 mg – equivalent to between 2 to 30 dropper-fulls.

A 2018 study suggests that a 300mg dosage produced the best result for managing anxiety in a public speaking test. Persons who had less, about 150 mg, or more, 600 mg gained fewer benefits than those who consumed 300 mg.

However, in an earlier mentioned study, the nine male participants had a significant result after a single 600 g dosage.

That said, the best way to get the most suitable CBD dosage is to begin with small but consistent amounts. As you dose, check your blood pressure over time.

Take notes of the CBD amount you had, when, and what the pressure detector reads at each dosage level. In no time, you should be able to detect what dosage yields best to reduce your blood pressure.

IS CBD safe?

So far, there are no recorded side effects of CBD. Even the World Health Organization refers to CBD as safe and widely tolerated.

But before you begin CBD for high blood pressure and other medical concern, discuss with a local doctor.

However, CDB is non-intoxicating, non-addictive, and with but negligible reported side effects. Your CBD experience widely depends on individual genetic differences, age, weight, and general health status.

Here are likely CBD side effects:

  • Irritability
  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea
  • Fatigue
  • Appetite loss

Note that most of these effects were reported with too-extreme doses.

How Do I Consume CBD?

CBD consumption is flexible. Here are some ways to use CBD products:

  • Capsules and edibles

Capsules and edibles are discreet and convenient to dose—perfect delivery routes for beginners.

Although the effects of oral doses may begin to trickle in an hour or more after doses, the result stays for about 6 to 12 hours. So, a single dose may handle your day’s troubles.

So, if you seek an immediate result, consider another option.

  • Oil and Tinctures

These options offer faster results – that is, when used sublingually (placed beneath the tongue). By this method, the substance is absorbed directly into the bloodstream. The effects come in a few minutes and may last around four to six hours.

However, a drawback is the earthy sour taste, which is almost never pleasant to taste buds.

  • CBD Vapes

Vapes deliver the fastest effects among all CBD dosage methods. Using Vape cartridge bypass the digestive system and make direct deliveries into the bloodstream.

Although fast-acting, the effects of vapes do not stay long. Besides, it’s common knowledge that inhalation, like vaping and smoking, can cause severe long-term damage to the lungs.

Wrap up

Note, however, that CBD does not replace healthy eating and regular exercise. In fact, CBD may be better used as part of a holistic treatment plan than a stand-alone prescription.

If the dosages work for you, then you’re in luck. This could be your safest alternative for reducing blood pressure.