Can CBD Improve Your Sex Life?

Can CBD Improve Your Sex Life?

Over the years, cannabis has become a regular mention on lists of libido boosters.
As attention closes in on the individual components of cannabis’ acclaimed therapeutic make-up, some evidence suggests CBD may be a chief Contributor to the sex-enhancing reports of marijuana.
Among its many reported benefits, CBD is thought to boost libido and increase lubrication during sex.
How true?
Let’s discuss what research says about CBD’s effect on sex life.
How Can CBD Possibly Improve Sex?
The human body has an endocannabinoid system (or ECS), which features receptors across the body. CBD interacts with these receptors to create a series of reactions.
These responses cause several effects, including anti-inflammation and anticonvulsant.

A 2009 research found ECS receptors in the testicles. CBD researchers perceive CBD may interact with these receptors in the male organ to increase libido and performance.
Some proponents of CBD-for-sex argues that since CBD reduces anxiety, it normalizes the desire for sex. That said, the inadequate scientific evidence on humans limits the credibility of this theory.
Another article published in the Journal of Assisted Reproduction and Genetics reports that prolonged cannabis use may reduce sex drive in most men. However, some experts assume the cannabis and low libido link may be caused by chronic consumption of other compounds in the plant, not CBD per se.
Are there other Sexual Benefits?
Besides these few direct CBD-sex links, here are other potential ways CBD can boost your sex life.

Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

The effect of CBD on ED is not entirely understood.
An article published in the BioMed Research International journal discusses how long Ayurveda practitioners have used Cannabis sativa. Its acclaimed ability to improve ejaculation and sexual performance has also been drummed for many years.
Some supporters of this theory argue its ability to relax the blood vessels and promote blood flow. The improved blood flow to the penis may treat ED and increases sex drive.
Another study relates CBD to the reduction of blood pressure. Although the arteries studied connect to the heart, the same effect may apply to the groins.


Studies reveal the dermatological effect and anti-inflammatory characteristics of topical CBD.
For instance, you can avoid dry and painful sex by rubbing CBD oils directly on your sex organs – as sex lubricants. There are increasing numbers of CBD-infused sex lubricants on the market. What’s more?
The reports from users seem promising. Many claim it makes sex a lot
more enjoyable.

Low Sex Drive

Another theory suggests that cannabis improves the desire for sex by
activating parts of the brain responsible for sexual arousal.
This informs the theory that cannabis may come in handy for your low
sex drive.

While these indicators say CBD may reduce erectile dysfunction, boost libido, and enhance general sexual pleasure, research authors say more
research is needed to make conclusive statements.
Any Side Effects of CBD for Low Libido?
Unique factors, including body fat, age, and products’ ingredients/CBD concentration, determine how much you need and the resultant
For some people, usage causes allergic reactions. However, these allergies are usually caused by perfumes, carrier oils, and other additives – not the CBD. Hence, the need to invest in CBD oils with fewer ingredients.
Other reactions include stomach upset, appetite loss, or general tiredness.

Most of these reactions are caused by the consumption of extreme CBD doses. For this, experts advise users to begin with low doses and work up to the most appropriate dose.
There is also the possibility of interaction with other drugs or substances. Avoid using other drugs while on CBD – except otherwise recommended by a CBD-inclined medical expert.

Although some cannabis research has tried to link cannabis and infertility, this isn’t true of CBD.
CBD has proven safe and well-tolerated – as long as it falls under the legal definition of CBD as spelled out in the 2018 Farm Bill. For this,prefer only third-party-lab-tested hemp-based CBD products from trusted CBD manufacturers.
NOTE: Discuss with your doctor concerning your CBD intake if you’re considering having a baby soon.
How to Use CBD in your sex life?
There are various ways to use CBD for sex improvement, including:

  • Eating CBD edibles before sex
  • Applying CBD massage oil for foreplay
  • Applying CBD oil as lubricant – reduces dryness and improves pleasure
  • Taking CBD oil before sex for the reduction of anxiety and boost sensation.

This list may increase as CBD studies grow
IS CBD for Sex Drive Legal?
The FDA regulates CBD. Since studies are still ongoing concerning its use and side effects; thus, regulations and information on the safest use are unavailable.
That said, CBD is legal in the federal books. Thanks to the Farm Bill, which makes hemp and its products legal, but with not more than .3 percent THC – the compound that causes the high marijuana users experience.
But while CBD is federally legal, still, state laws differ. CBD remains illegal across some states. Do not run afoul of the law – check low CBD laws before making a purchase.
Wrap Up
Anecdotal evidence abounds on how CBD improves sexual performance, even though there’s barely a handful of research so far. If you seek to improve your sex life, you may consider CBD products.

Although CBD is yet to get any official approval as a treatment for any health condition – save Epidiolex, for two forms of epilepsy in children – reports from ongoing research and firsthand users’ experience can’t be all wrong.
Besides, since CBD is safe and well-tolerated, even at high doses, then a trial won’t hurt you.