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Hemping US is committed to helping every individual find the advantageous and fittest version of themselves through the potential of plants. If you have a phase where you can address that or show up at buyers who are excited about how CBD can discover a route into their ordinary everyday presences, we'd love to rally with you! Endless people have found easing from CBD they couldn't find wherever else. This is your occasion to be a bit of something positive and fulfilling. We have been assessed as one of the top partnership programs of the hemp/CBD industry.

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Bring your self the first in the line with preeminent CBD brand in the industry with native, US-based Company. Our team has come up with the idea of creating the exceptional CBD oils, capsules, tinctures and gummies.

While most brands procure their CBD production by essentially putting their name on products that they don’t produce, not knowing and maintain the quality. We endorse our American made items and continue working with our associates reliably!!

We here at hemping us, monitor our manufacturing and production in order to maintain the quality & standards of our products.


Frequently Asked Questions

Deep Linking :

A significant number of our accomplices have regular inquiries regarding our strategies for expanding and growing the business. Hang on a minute to answer these hundreds of inquiries. In case you're new to the associate model, deep linking is when you link to a specific product on your platform which enhances the product visibility. Indeed, we let you do this.

Cookie Window :

Cookie duration is another common question. This basically refers to how long your cookie stays on a browser. Flair Vapor’s default cookie duration is 30 days.

Average EPC :

EPC or Earning per click vary according to your promotion method and traffic. EPC also depends on average order value and conversion rate. By driving quality customer traffic with high purchase intent can result in higher EPC. To help you answer this question we can say that our average order value is around $100.

Partner with Hempingus CBD

Here at Hempingus CBD, we're a Florida-based gathering of CBD advocates with a fantasy for a predominant world: a presence where people can improve their lives in natural habits. Our item offering of CBD oils, gummies, and capsules are sourced from the U.S. grown natural hemp, with each batch being lab tested for potency and purity. In case you have CBD or its equivalent traffic, our affiliation program can help you with adjusting it.

Advance the Hemping usproducts or varieties that best fit your group - either on your website or social media pages - and we will remunerate you for that reference traffic! It's that simple!

We grasp that your traffic is huge and you have various choices for assistants, yet we have to unite as one with you. We offer a genuine, customizable compensation structure that will repay you for qualified traffic.

Partner Program Perks

  • Custom Coupon Codes: Talk to your partner manager to get a custom coupon code for your users.
  • High Commissions: With 25% commissions on all things and month to month conveyances, there's no better strategy to adjust your industry-critical traffic.
  • All day every day Support: Our glorious assistance isn't only here for customers, yet also for individuals. All auxiliaries approach an in-house committed chief and sub-12-hour response times.
  • We Go the Extra Mile: Need plans made expressly for your email blast? Have an event progression and need some help? Need some SEO pointers? Contact your affiliate manager. Your success is our thriving, and we'll surpass all desires to promise you prosper.
  • Strong Conversion Rate (High EPC in the CBD Industry)
  • High Frequency Newsletters

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